Nuna Pipa vs. Nuna Pipa Lite

Nuna Pipa vs. Nuna Pipa Lite

If you love the Nuna Pipa, you're probably wondering how it could get any better and what Nuna has in mind for future developments. We have the answers, so check out below how the two car seats compare.

The Nuna Pipa is loved by many, and for good reason. It offers an extremely comfortable set-up for both mom and baby, along with brilliant safety features to keep baby safe and sound no matter what. You might be wondering how the Nuna Pipa (one of the top-rated car seats on the market) could get any better. Enter the Nuna Pipa Lite!


Here is a comparison video that tells you about all the new features in the Nuna Pipa Lite:

Classic Nuna Pipa vs. Nuna Pipa Lite

  • The Classic Pipa (CP) weighs 7.9 lbs, while the Pipa Lite (PL) weighs only 5.3 lbs--the lightest car seat currently on the market. The weight capacity for the child of 4-32 lbs remains the same.
  • The CP has the belt route, while the the PL does not. The PL isn't ideal for city-dwellers who use a taxi or change from car to car often.
  • Because the PL has no belt route, it is not FAA approved (can't use it on an airplane).
  • The CP has two crotch buckle slots for adjustments, while the The PL only has one.
  • The CP has easy access for the harness adjust button. The PL has a recessed button.
  • The CP has the dream drape, while the the PL just has a canopy. However, both are SPF 50.
  • The CP offers a peekaboo window in the canopy, which is not included in the PL.

Nuna Pipa (Classic) Car Seat

Obviously most of the things taken out of the PL are to reduce the overall weight of the car seat. Both car seats are safe and comfortable, and you can choose which one appeals to you most.

So the next question on your must be this: Are there new or extra features you get with the new Nuna Pipa Lite? Of course there are! I'm glad you asked.

New Features in the Nuna Pipa Lite

  • The lighter weight (5.3 lbs) is amazing and definitely makes a difference when you're carting around more than one kid plus the diaper bag.
  • The PL uses latest safety technology in the form of EPP foam. Most car seats (including the CP) use EPS foam which is designed to break and crumble on impact, but the new EPP foam compresses and bounces back to absorb kinetic energy for better overall protection.
  • The PL's metal frame is fused to the EPP foam throughout, providing optimal protection and comfort.
  • The PL includes two sets of infant inserts: 1) a support pillow, an infant wedge, and a separate memory foam headpiece and 2) an extra insert set but in GOT-certified organic cotton.
  • No flame retardants in fabrics = less chemicals.
  • Harness pockets keep buckles out of the way.
  • It has a real leather handlebar grip vs. the CP's rubber one.

If you want to know every detail of what's new in the Nuna Pipa Lite, consult our car seat expert in this latest video: 

The Nuna Pipa Lite comes in two colors: fog (heathered gray), and ebony (feathered black, with gray infant inserts).

Nuna Pipa Lite in Fog

My Take

Between the two car seats, I would probably choose the Nuna Pipa Lite. My reasoning is that it's even safer due to the fused EPP foam throughout the frame, and I also have GIANT babies so the lighter weight would help me immensely. The more customizable infant inserts would also be a plus for me since my baby has a huge head, so I could keep the body insert in while taking the head one out for extra space.

Now that you know my reasons for choosing the PL over the CP, think about what matters most to you. The Classic is less money overall, and has lots of convenient features. If you're in doubt, be sure and watch the above videos, or come into the store to learn more from our certified car seat specialists.

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