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Nuna Sena Aire and Aire Mini

Nuna Sena Aire and Aire Mini

When you love something, why not try and improve it a little bit? When it comes to baby gear, there are always tweaks that can make a product go from great to incredible!

Well our friends at Nuna have taken their beloved Sena and Sena Mini play yards and updated them with a more breathable, lightweight design. The Nuna Sena Aire and the smaller/lighter version, the Sena Aire Mini, are going to be your go-to travel cribs! You'll want to take them on all of your adventures! The Sena Aire is recommended from newborn babes up to 3 years old, and the Mini is designed to be used from birth to 18 months old. Whichever size you choose, you're going to love setting your babe in this pen!

Mini Aire

There are so many things to love about these playards! Lets start with the basics! Your babe will be supported all day and night by the sturdy aluminum frame that features a zigzag design that makes setting this thing up a dream. It also has great features, like skid-proof feet, to make sure you're not scratching up your floors or making any extra noise when you're trying to get babe into the right position. Not to mention the chic, modern design will look gorgeous anywhere! And like everything Nuna, the beauty is in the details. Both playards have padded edges to keep little fingers from getting pinched! And with a quick zip, you can toss that mattress into the washer and dryer to clean up any spills.

These cribs are also going to blow you away with how easy they are to use. The last thing that you want when you're dealing with a portable crib is a complicated and annoying complex assembly, am I right? No thanks, mamas. The Sena Aire and Aire Mini both feature a unique zigzag that makes them a breeze to pop open, and a one-hand fold that collapses the crib in seconds.

The quick open feature makes these playards the perfect item to bring with you when you need to keep your babe penned in. Whether you're out doing some work in the yard, or you're headed on a camping trip and need a safe place for your little one to play, you can't go wrong with these!


Sena Aire


Sena Aire

Both the Aire and Mini are completely breathable thanks to advanced air flow. The air flow is the hero all around! Both cribs feature a triple-layer, ventilated mesh mattress, two levels of ventilation, and an above ground base to make sure that your little one can play and sleep as comfortably as possible. So that means no more sweaty, cranky wake ups thanks to a stuffy travel crib!

You're also going to get great bang for your buck with the Sena Aire and Aire Mini, because you won't have to spend extra money on the mattress or sheets! Both cribs come with a comfortable, padded mattress, and even an organic cotton sheet! You also have the added benefit of bassinet and changing station attachments, so you have a portable nursery mama! Not to mention that the bassinet will fold up with the crib, which is just one less thing to worry about. Who doesn't love that? You'll be looking at just under $200 for the Mini and about $320 for the Sena Aire, so it all comes down to how long you plan to use the crib, and for what.

If you're in the market for a portable crib/playard, the Nuna Sena Aire and Aire Mini are new, innovative and beautifully designed to make your little one's play and sleeping experience the best it can be! 

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MichelleMillward - November 26, 2020

We haven’t done a comparison of those two, but we’ll be sure to add it to our list for a future blog post and youtube video. So thank you for the feedback! In the meantime, feel free to contact one of our Certified Cubby Moms at 801-770-5084 and they can answer any questions you might have about Nuna playards.

Michelle Millward - November 26, 2020

Here’s a new blog post with a comparison breakdown of the Nuna Sena Aire Mini and the Nuna Cove Aire. Hope this helps!

Janet Johnston - November 26, 2020

Do you have the mattress dimensions for the Nuna Sena Aire Playard and Bassinet? A friend has one and I’d love to make her some beautiful sheets!

Jackie Hall - November 26, 2020

It’s the same mattress when used as a bassinet and when used as a playard. The mattress is 37×26 and 3/8 of a inch thick. Let us know if you have any more questions!

Kristin - November 26, 2020

Have you done any comparisons between the mini and cove aire? I’m completely torn between them!

Jackie Hall - November 26, 2020

Yes, you can use it until the child is 3 years old. So you could use it as a permanent crib. :)

RYAN STAGG - November 26, 2020

Fantastic! My wife is apprehensive about using it all the time, stating that she thinks it won’t be soft enough (?) for the baby. Any idea if this is true? If it is, is there something I can do about it? I’d rather have something like this for the short-term and then move into a more permanent fixture after 12-18 months…

RYAN STAGG - November 26, 2020

Is it possible to use the sena aire as a permanent crib as well for the first year or two? Will the baby be comfortable?

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