Nuna Tavo Stroller Review

Nuna Tavo Stroller Review

The Nuna Tavo stroller was already a favorite, but now it's sporting a facelift and has so many new features and improvements. And the best part is they didn't raise the price (it still retails for $349.95), so it's such a great price for all of the features it includes! It is available in two colors—the Nuna Tavo Stroller - Caviar is black and the Nuna Tavo Stroller - Aspen is a really pretty blue color.

Nuna Tavo Stroller - Caviar          Nuna Tavo Stroller - Aspen

 Nuna Tavo Stroller - Caviar                                    Nuna Tavo Stroller - Aspen                  

The new Nuna Tavo stroller has upgraded fabric and a new leatherette handlebar, and these updates make it look so elegant! I love that so many stroller companies are adding leather to the handlebar. It's so, so pretty! I also really like the black frame and wheels. It also has an all-season seat, similar to the Nuna Demi Grow. If you remove the padding from the seat, there is a mesh seat that allows more airflow and keeps your child much cooler when it’s warm outside!

I absolutely love this feature, because I can't even count the number of times I've worried that my little boy was overheating in his stroller on a hot day! They've also improved and increased the suspension on all four tires, so it rides really well over different terrain, keeping your little one comfortable and happy! It does well on mild terrain because of the increased suspension and the large, soft rubber wheels. So it would be great for a walk to the park but not as great on hiking trails.

It also has a generous canopy and an extendable dream drape for additional coverage. And the peek-a-boo window on the top closes with magnets instead of velcro, so you can sneak a peek without waking your little one! I also really love that they added a mesh panel on the back of the stroller just below the canopy for increased airflow and comfort for your little one. I also like that you can detach the canopy if you don't need that full coverage year round. And when it's detached, you have easy access to a nice mommy compartment that's perfect for your purse and a water bottle! And then you can use the spacious lower storage basket for your diaper bag. But inside the storage basket, you'll also find an extra small zipper pocket that's perfect for your wallet, keys, and your cell phone!

The Nuna Tavo stroller is approved to use from birth until 60 pounds, and it has a deep recline as well as a makeshift bassinet that can be set up by buttoning two panels on either side of the footrest to the inside lining. This is a great option for the tiniest of newborns, so they can lay flat and won't be in danger of sliding out the bottom of the stroller. It also has a belly bar that is quick and easy to detach. It's great for when your baby is smaller, and then it's super easy to take off when your child gets a little bigger and wants to be able to climb in and out of the stroller on his own! It's also really nice that the footrest is easily adjustable by simply pressing the buttons on both sides. But one of my favorite features is the step-on, step-off foot brake! This is definitely my favorite kind of stroller brake because it's easy to set and unlock, no matter what kind of shoes you're wearing!

The Nuna Tavo stroller is very easy to fold and has a really nice trolley feature that makes it easy to grab the handle and drag it back to your car instead of lifting and carrying it. It also has a really nice swivel lock that makes it easy to unlock and open when you only have one hand! You simply unclip the latch and swivel it to the side, so it is a true one-hand open, which is definitely a very unique (and useful) feature! It is also compatible with the Nuna Pipa Car Seat, and the best part is you don't have to purchase additional adaptors. When the belly bar is attached, you simply set it in and it clips in. Then when you want to remove your car seat, it quickly detaches by pressing the button at the back, which is much easier than detaching a car seat with buttons at the base of the handles. If you're interested in a travel system, you can also purchase the Nuna Tavo Travel System, instead of purchasing the car seat and stroller separately!

Nuna Pipa Car Seat with Base Set         Nuna Tavo Travel System

 Nuna Pipa Car Seat with Base Set                      Nuna Tavo Travel System                      

The Nuna Tavo Stroller is a great option if you're looking for a reasonably priced stroller that has a ton of great features! And don't forget about our Love Your Stroller guarantee! If you buy a stroller from us and don't love it, you can return it within 60 days for a credit toward a different stroller! So no matter what stroller you choose, you can be confident in your decision!

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