Nursery Organization with Petit Pehr

Nursery Organization with Petit Pehr

There are very few things that make me happier than a well-organized and beautifully decorated room. And when that room happens to be a child's room or a nursery, it's even better! When I was pregnant with our son, I think I was almost as excited to decorate his nursery as I was to finally hold him...almost. And those first few weeks and months I spent rocking him in the comfy rocking chair, in his cute nursery, are easily some of the happiest moments of my life.

With all of the items we buy for our kiddos, organization is essential to keeping their rooms tidy. A huge part of staying organized is having storage that is cute and functional. Here are a few new products from Petit Pehr to help you keep your little one's room cute and clutter-free! When I decorate or clean a room, I like to start by making the bed with clean, cute bedding. And I know I'm not alone in this. These Petit Pehr crib sheets in Showers Blue and Showers Pink are perfect for your little one's crib, and they would look great with any nursery design! 

 Petit Pehr Crib Sheet - Showers Blue 
Petit Pehr Crib Sheet - Showers Pink 
Next to a soft bed for your little one to sleep in (so you can get some much needed sleep), a comfy place to rock and read books is my favorite place in a nursery. I love to have a pillow on hand to prop up my arm, as well as a blanket thrown over the back of the chair so I have something within reach to cuddle up in. This Petit Pehr Quilted Blanket - Big Top and Petit Pehr Pillow - Big Top would be so cute in a little boy's room or little girl's room.
 Petit Pehr Quilted Blanket-Big Top
 Petit Pehr Pillow - Big Top
Anyone who's had a newborn knows you go through outfit after outfit after outfit. And even though they tend to go through fewer outfits each day as they get older, the amount of laundry that needs to be done never seems to decrease. Having a cute place to put dirty laundry is essential to keeping your little one's room organized and clutter free. And it helps to have everything in one place when you find a few spare minutes to throw in a load of laundry! Check out this cute Petit Pehr Three Stripe Hamper in Pink/Green, and this Petit Pehr Multi Arrows Hamper.
 Petit Pehr 3 Stripe Hamper - Pink/Green 
Pehr Designs Multi Arrows Hamper 

As your little one grows, toy storage gets more and more important! And toy storage that is simple enough for your little one to use is even more important. I love these cute storage containers from Petit Pehr because they come in a variety of cute fabrics, and they can be easily used by your little one to clean up his own toys! Now that is a win-win!

 Petit Pehr Storage - Mini - Gold Foil Speck
 Petit Pehr Storage - Pint - Gold Foil Speck
 Petit Pehr Storage - Bins - Gold Foil Speck 
Petit Pehr Storage - Pint - Meadow
 Petit Pehr Storage - Bins - Meadow          

As you decorate and organize your little one's rooms, remember that Petit Pehr has lots of cute storage items to complete any look! And if you don't see exactly what you need here, check out all of the Petit Pehr storage solutions on The Baby Cubby website!

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