October's National Days!

October's National Days!

Happy October, mamas! I love that once October rolls around that means all things fall are happening, and there is so much fun going on. Another fun thing that everyone is getting on board with these days is the National Day Calendar, and I absolutely love it!

Who doesn't want more reasons to celebrate the little things in life? So if you're like us and want to have a little extra fun this October, then get on board with these October National Days!

1 Homemade Cookies Day

Well if this isn't the cutest way to spend the first day of October then I don't know what is. Get in the kitchen with your littles and whip up a batch of your fave cookies, then sit down together and eat them warm and dunked in milk!

2 Walk to School Day

This isn't super easy for everyone, but I love that you could make this part of your monthly fun! Even if you have to wake up earlier than normal, you can make it fun by packing up breakfast to go and bundling up to make sure you stay warm for the walk, and enjoy the extra time with your littles!

3 Boyfriend Day

Ugh, I love this. Even though I now have a husband, I still call him Boyfriend all the time, and who doesn't need another reason to celebrate her best guy? Whether it's your spouse or your sweet little toddler, make him his fave dinner, get him a card and his favorite candy bar, or just give him a big hug and kiss to let him know you're grateful for him today!

4 Taco Day

Yeah, this calendar is speaking my language. If you needed another reason to add tacos to your weekly dinner menu, then here you go, mamas! You can spice it up this year by going out to a new spot and trying some specialty tacos, or you can keep it simple and classic with a taco bar with the fixings and invite your besties over to help you celebrate the TACO!

5 Do Something Nice Day

I love this. Get out there and do something nice for someone else today: whether you decide to pay for the car's food behind you, iron all of your husband's shirts, or get real crazy and do some community service at your local homeless shelter or animal rescue, just getting out of your own headspace and doing something nice is such a fun thing to do!

6 Coaches Day

Now that I've got a little one in sports, I know just how much time and energy goes into being a coach, so I love that they have their own day this month! Get them a jug of gatorade, a gift card, or even just have your little make them a card to say thanks for being the best!

7 Inner Beauty Day

YES, mamas. As if this wasn't important enough, October went and gave us an entire day to look on the inside. Be yourself today, go makeup free, and do some meditating. Take an inventory of what's going inside and where you need to be kinder to yourself. Work on positive affirmations that you can say throughout the day to remind yourself that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

8 Flutternutter Day

No lie, mamas I had to look this up because I had no clue. Turns out it's talking about that sandwich that has peanut butter and marshmallow creme in between two slices of white bread. Why not?! Just make one and share it with your littles. Have fun trying something new together and see what you think!

9 Stop Bullying Day

So so important, and I love that we can make this a day to talk about it! Even if you have little kids, take the time to explain to them how impactful their words can be, how they need to treat others how they want to be treated, and make the world a happier and more inclusive place.

10 Cake Decorating Day

Spend the day getting your baking on and get creative. Whether you're a decorating pro or a newbie, getting in there and trying to get your design work on your own cake can be seriously so fun and so rewarding. And you can also let your littles in there with you to get in on the fun!

11 Sausage Pizza Day

This is one that my fam will definitely be celebrating, because I've got a toddler who LOVES sausage and LOVES pizza. Let's make it fun by starting from scratch and making a dough together, piling on the toppings, and watching it bake. And just in case, we'll have delivery as a Plan B. I'm excited for this one, mamas!

12 Farmer's Day

So much of what we eat and drink on the daily comes from our local farms and we have farmers to thank for all of that! If you live in a place that is still doing a Farmer's Market, make sure and stop over there and get all of your produce for the week instead of going to the grocery store. You can also show your kids that the things in the fridge came from different farms and different animals made the food.

13 No Bra Day

LOL. You mean there's an actual day to celebrate this, because I'm pretty much in the 'NO BRA DAY' camp every day mamas! But in case you wanted a reason to let the girls breathe for a day, you just let them all know you're celebrating today so keep your comments to yourself!

14 Dessert Day

What is life without dessert? I think this is the perfect day to either go out and get yourself dessert at your fave place, or make your favorite sweet treat at home and don't plan on sharing with anyone! Not in the mood to go out or to make anything? That's why they made ice cream in pints mama. That's why. Today is why.

15 Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

Love that we have a day to talk about all of the struggles and strength of our pregnant mamas and those who have gone through the hardest trial of losing their littles. Send a text or call your mama friends to let them know you're thinking about them and how much you love them. Need a little support and want to hear a few stories from some of our Cubby Mamas? Head over to our blog and read up on their journeys through loss, pregnancy, and infertility.

16 Bosses' Day

If you're a working mama and want to give your boss a huge thank you for all the hard work they do, then make sure you pick them up a little gift and their favorite drink before heading into work for the day. If you're a working-from-home mama who gets her own money, then treat yourself to your favorite drink and take an extra long lunch, cause you earned it boss lady!

17 Pasta Day

Noodles can solve most problems in life, I think. If you want to keep it simple, no kid is going to be sad about getting mac'n'cheese for dinner. Want to make it a little more fun? You can buy a couple different types of pasta with different shapes or colors to change up the average pasta dish to something a little more exciting!

18 Chocolate Cupcake Day

Yep, I'm all about this one, mamas. Give me a chocolate cake with creamy icing in a cute little paper wrapper and I will be happy. It's science. So why not have a day where you're allowed to eat cupcakes all day without having anyone say anything to you? It's simply the best idea I've ever heard.

19 Sweetest Day

Whether you're talking the sweetest of sweets and you're going to dig in to your favorite candy, or you want to do your best to be on your sweetest behavior with your husband, your littles, or your pup, today is all about celebrating the sweet things in life!

20 Youth Confidence Day

Keeping up with our kids' emotions can be a full time job, and it's important too. Remind them how much they really can do when they rely on themselves! The teenage years can be especially tough, and I love that they've dedicated a day to make sure they know how capable and confident they can be! Whether you have big kids or little ones, letting them know how proud you are of all their accomplishments will go a long way!

21 Pumpkin Cheesecake Day

One of my all-time favorite desserts! I love that I now have a day to make it the STAR! Pumpkin cheesecake is one of those special treats that I only make around this time of year, and I love that I can take another day to just make it that much more of a staple in my dessert recipe book. Another option is to just head over to your local Cheesecake Factory and having them slice you up some... I mean... That is a great option.

22 Make a Dog's Day Day

Now that I have a dog, I can finally partake in the dog national days throughout the year! A couple of things that you can do to make this day fun for your pup is to take him for an extra long walk, take him over to the dog park, get him a fun new squeaky toy, or drive thru Starbucks and get him a puppacino! Nothing fancy, just a little something to let them know you love them.

23 TV Talk Show Host Day

Okay this one is a little silly and I kind of love that. Whether you are a daytime TV junkie or not, everyone has their favorite TV host-- a couple of my faves are Rachael Ray and the queen herself, Ellen. Maybe take this day to go online to their website and apply for one of the million giveaways they're always doing on talk shows. Or you can just watch clips of your fave celebs getting interviewed on talk shows. That works too.

24 Food Day

Ya know, just another day we needed this month to celebrate the food we eat! I'm not mad about it mama! I think it would be fun to get your little involved and have each of them choose a meal and then have them make it for the family. You can make sure they know what to buy for the recipe and help them out when it comes time to cook. Celebrate the fact that breakfast, lunch, and dunner don't just magically appear... Someone (MAMA) has to make them!

25 Frankenstein FRIday

I mean it wouldn't be Halloween if there weren't a couple of days dedicated to our fave spooky characters, right? Have fun with this one and tell your kids the story of Dr. Frankenstein and his monster and do a fun Frankenstein walk to the Monster Mash!

26 Pumpkin Day

Everyone needs a day to carve up pumpkins, so why not do it on National Pumpkin day!? Carving pumpkins is one of my favorite traditions of all time, and I do it every year with my family, but if putting your kids around the saws, knives, and guts of the pumpkin sounds like a Halloween nightmare to you, then just get out some washable paints, glitter, and craft feathers and let them decorate their pumpkin to their hearts content! Mama clean-up tip: cover your table with a plastic disposable table cloth so that you can simply wrap up all the mess into the table cloth and toss it out!

27 Mother-in-Law Day

Whether you see your MIL on the regular or only occasionally, setting aside some time today to give her a call to let her know how thankful you are to have her, and for the good she did in raising your husband, can go a long way! Maybe take it further and send her some flowers or a card with a sweet message, and I'm sure you'll get all kinds of love from her!

28 Chocolate Day

Aw, music to my ears. A day to celebrate the greatest and longest love in my life. I love chocolate, and I will take any chance I get to scarf my face with it, so let's make today all about it, and fill up on some chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or cupcakes! If you make too much, why not share the chocolatey love and drop some off to your besties?!

29 Cat Day

If you're a Cat Mama, then today is your day to embrace it and post as many cat pics on instagram as you want! Get your little kitty some new scratchers, a couple of treats you know he'll love, or just let him have his time alone in the sun and let him know that even if he ignores you 50% of the time, the other 50% of love makes your life that much sweeter!

30 Candy Corn Day

Personally, candy corn makes me cringe away in horror, BUT if you are a lover of the classic Halloween treat, then get your hands on some and don't be shy, mama! Since Halloween is tomorrow and you know your littles are going to be racking in sweets, spend today doing your own little candy binge while you put those last minute touches on their costumes in the dead of night.


Happy Halloween! No matter how you celebrate today, I hope that you and your littles are safe and happy and spooky and have fun being creative and indulging in candies and treats. Oh, and make sure you have a good hiding place for all of the treats you take from your kids' pillow cases as your mama "candy tax" cause you earned those snickers, mama.

So get your celebration going and make a few of these days throughout October exciting and fun before the big day on the 31st! Who knows? Maybe you'll start making them a tradition every year!

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