Oemi Baby Signature Sleepers

Oemi Baby Signature Sleepers

We all love Oemi for the amazing Leather Diaper Bags that they have introduced to the baby world. I carry one myself and have never been happier with my diaper bag. But did you know Oemi make baby sleepers as well? Faye and Vanessa are sister Mompreneuers that put a ton of love and passion into their company, and it shows in their products! These sleepers are made with the softest and most durable cotton available, and they also feature the most adorable and gender neutral prints.

Oemi Baby Sleeper Zipper Garage

I am a practical mom and I want my baby's clothing to be practical too. The Oemi Sleepers are so thoughtfully designed they will fill your baby's needs, as well as yours, with side zippers to make night time diaper changes easier, fully lined zippers so they never touch a baby's sensitive skin, and a "zipper garage" which tucks the zipper away so it doesn't irritate your little one while sleeping and playing. Only moms know what other moms really want, and that's what makes this company so successful!

The Oemi Sleeper is available in 4 beautiful patterns:

      Oemi Baby Sleepers                        Oemi Sleeper Sea Turtles
      Oemi Sleeper Sea Stars                 Oemi Sleeper Foster Elephants 

These little Oemi Baby Sleepers make the perfect gifts. They are suitable for both boys and girls so you can keep them in stock for last minute parties! So come into our Utah Local Store to see and them for yourself! Or, purchase them online at thebabycubby.com.

Oemi Baby Sleepers

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