Oemi Leather Diaper Bag Review

Oemi Leather Diaper Bag Review

Ok, ladies. Let's get real here on the diaper bag front: they tend to be expensive AND you can only use them while you have children (and little children, at that). Because lets be honest, walking around with a diaper bag with older kids is a little bit weird. This is why I LOVE  Oemi Baby's Leather Diaper Bag! It looks SO good that you can use it even after your little ones have grown (and, because it's leather, it's only going to look better over time!). As well, because of their new design, the Oemi Leather diaper bag is now lighter than ever before, just for your convenience ;) 


The Oemi Baby Leather Diaper Bag has two bottle pockets on the outside of the bag and 5 pockets (2 small, 2 bottle, and 1 large) on the inside - totaling 7 pockets all around. The bag itself is also wide and deep, so it gives you plenty of stuffing room! It also has a snap closure on each side of the bag, to make it even wider if needed! 


Oemi itself was started by two Canadian sisters who believe in making quality products that are going to last you throughout your entire baby experience and beyond. As such, Oemi only uses the best materials they can find and will go wherever they need to in order to get the quality they are searching for. Now, I will say that one downside to the inside of the bag is because of the material used the pockets are a bit stiff. You will not be able to stuff the pockets a ton, so just be aware of that. Luckily the bag is large so you can always stuff that! If you are a mom that is looking for a bag that will last you a LOOOONG time then you should definitely come take a look!


  The Oemi Baby Leather Diaper Bag is most assuredly one of the most stylish bags on the market. It comes in a Classic Cognac (currently back ordered through the company until early October, but we are still taking pre-orders!) and Grey (currently in stock!) colors - both of which are great for all seasons. There is one difference between the Cognac and the Grey - the straps on the Cognac are sewn on, whereas the straps on the Grey are attached with silver rings and will hang down instead of standing up. Just something to think about. Each bag also comes with a messenger strap that clips onto rings attached to the bag. The strap will hang underneath the bag (not on one side or the other) because the rings are attached to opposite sides of the bag (I love it when you won't get all tangled in straps!). Basically, if you don't mind a bag that's a little on the heavy side, you are going to LOVE the Oemi Baby Leather Diaper Bag. It's durability, functionality, and style make it one of the best baby bags on the market! Come on in, give us a call, or head on over to our website to come check out the best bag you can buy!
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