Oli and Carol Fixes Ugly Teething with Cute Teethers

Oli and Carol Fixes Ugly Teething with Cute Teethers

Okay, raise of hands, does anyone else have an ugly teether in their lives? Like the whole runny nose and eyes, nasty diapers, rashes, screaming, crying, swollen teething situation with their littles? I think we can all agree that teething is just not a cute look.

But with Oli and Carol, you'll be able to have an adorable teething toy for your littles when they're literally at their worst.

I have tried nearly everything for my daughter when she's teething, because oh my gosh, for the love of everything holy, when are those last 2 teeth finally going to cut?! She is the worst, but loves, loves, loves the feel of these cute teethers when she's cutting teeth!

Oli and Carol teethers are made of naturally sourced rubber, and are safe for your little to chew on, play with, or chuck at you from the back seat. You can also use them as bath toys, and they're the perfect size to keep in your bag and pull out whenever your little needs to gnaw on something for a minute. Plus, these teethers are biodegradable-- good for your babe and good for the Earth is an ultimate mama win!

They come in the cutest shapes, and I will never get over watching a baby chomping on some broccoli or a piece of kale. Freaking adorable. And ironic because they will reject those like the literal plague once you introduce the real stuff. *sigh*

Plus some of their animal and veggie teething toys are designed for your babes to wear them around their wrist so their pudgy little hands can get up near their face and you won't have to worry about constantly retrieving their fave teether when they drop it.

Here's a couple of my faves from Oli and Carol that we carry at the Baby Cubby and the sweetest little babes that use them. You can also come into the store to get a look at all the choices we have, and get addicted to the feel of these teethers.

Kendall the Kale

Wally the Watermelon

Arnold the Avocado

Zoe the Zebra

Rob the Fox

Keeping our littles happy when they're in a bad way, especially when they're teething and in a ton of pain, is made so much easier when you have a safe, natural, and adorable products to get the job done. Oli and Carol is one of those perfectly simple mama products that is always a good choice for our babes!

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