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Olli Ella: Inspiring a Home of Imagination & Creativity

When I was younger, I adored playing with dolls, Barbies, and teddy bears--anything I could dress and accessorize. One of my best friends loved dolls as well, so we often made elaborate stories of who our dolls were and what adventures they’d go on together. Now that I’m a mom, I’ve noticed how important doll playtime is for little ones. Both my daughter and son from a young age have loved holding and snuggling dolls, showing the same care and love for their dolls that I strive to show to my own children. I’ve noticed that dolls teach kids to nurture and love, while also encouraging their minds to expand through imaginative play. Recently, I’ve discovered an incredible brand, Olli Ella, that strives to provide products and toys that reinforce the importance of building a home of imagination and creativity (whether it’s for kids during playtime or for moms that are striving to decorate and curate a beautiful home.)

What is the Olli Ella brand?

Olli Ella was started in 2010 by sisters and business partners Chloe and Olivia. Dreamers and children-at-heart, the duo designs quality toys and accessories that will last your children’s endless hours of playtime, while also offering beautifully functional home décor for us moms. From the beautifully timeless Dinkum dolls to the naturally crafted doll accessories to the woven baskets and bags, Ollie Ella will fill your home with pieces that will inspire creativity, nurturing, and imagination. Committed to making products that will not harm the environment, you, and most importantly your little ones, you can rest assured knowing you’re supporting an incredible company.

Olli Ella Brand

The Dolls

Dinkum Dolls: The classic Dinkum dolls are perfect for ages 3 and up. With the ability to stand, bend, and pose while also being soft enough to snuggle, the Dinkum dolls are perfect for all the adventures your kiddos are sure to take them on. Kids can change their clothes and style their hair, while moms admire the gorgeous embroidered details from the facial features to the sweet rainbow over the doll’s heart.

Olli Ella Dinkum Doll Tiny

Dozy Dinkum Dolls: Perfect for playtime for even your youngest children, Olli Ella’s Dozy Dinkum dolls make the perfect snuggle buddy. With soft and floppy bodies for cuddling, while also being firm enough to pose, the Dozy dolls are the perfect addition to any child’s doll collection.

Dozy dinkum doll

Cozy Dozy Dinkum Dolls: Unique and fluffy in design, the Cozy Dozy Dinkum dolls give kids an adorably cuddly doll that doubles as a stuffed animal. The soft onesies and the slightly weighted body makes the Cozy Dozy doll perfect for bedtime for newborns on up.

Cozy Dozy Dinkum Doll

Holdie Dolls: This collection of small and sweet dollies all hail from the countryside of Holdie World. With characters like Farmer Poppy, Farmer Forest, Townsman Glen, and even an enchanting mermaid named Coral, your little ones can imagine and create a beautiful life for their dollies. The collectible boxes they come in make the Holdie dolls a perfect gift for kids ages 3 and up.

Holdie Doll Glen

Doll Clothing & Accessories

The Dinkum dollies wouldn’t be ready for playtime without their adorable clothing and accessories. The clothing is made with kids in mind, with velcro closures that are easy to put on and take off. The soft and snuggly cotton also means your kiddos will be comfortable snuggling and nurturing their new doll (unlike many other doll brands with stiff and difficult doll clothing.) I especially love the timeless accessories for the Dinkum dolls--from the soft bedding, the wooden hair brushes and baby bottles, to the gorgeous knitted blanket featuring the gorgeous rainbow design featured on all the Dinkum dolls.

Olli Ella Dinkum Doll Accessories

Doll Houses

Every child needs a dollhouse of some sort, and with the wooden Olli Ella dollhouses and barn, your kids will be able to truly create a world for their Holdie dolls. I absolutely love the unfinished wood look, encouraging even greater creativity. If you wish, your kids can decorate the interior as they please with furniture and accessories, making a comfortable home for their small dollies.

Holdie Doll Barn


One of my favorite things to purchase are baskets and storage for my own home. Olli Ella offers beautiful and practical pieces that you can use as home décor, kitchen storage, and even carry-alls for all your important things. Here are some of my favorite baskets they offer for the home (and playtime).

Storage baskets: Olli Ella's Rattan baskets are perfect for organizing practically anything, from journals to baby swaddles.

Rattan Basket Duo Olli Ella

Hanging baskets: These would be perfect for making your vegetables a bit more decorative. Fill with onions, garlic, or other veggies that don't go in the fridge.

Olli Ella Rattan Onion Basket Duo

Market bag: I absolutely love this bag. Whether you love trips to the farmers market or trips to the beach, carry it all in the large handwoven Caro basket!

Natural Caro Market Basket

Picnic baskets: Perfect for kid's playtime or a small picnic together are the Olli Ella Piki baskets! Not only are they well made and durable, but timeless in design.

Olli Ella Piki Basket


When it’s time to take a break from playtime, Olli Ella even offers incredible crafting options to provide your kids (and you) with a little bit of quiet time. With their Playpa coloring roll, your kids will have loads of coloring fun (8 meters to be exact)! This would be perfect for long rainy days at home.

Playpa Coloring Roll

As parents, it can be so difficult to find quality products for our kids that will reinforce the importance of creativity and screen-free time. If this is you, be sure to check out all the amazing Olli Ella products we have here at the Baby Cubby for your sweet little ones.

Shop Olli Ella in store or online at babycubby.com

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