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On The 12th Day of Christmas The Baby Cubby Gave to Me: Deals Every Day Until the 17th!

On The 12th Day of Christmas The Baby Cubby Gave to Me: Deals Every Day Until the 17th!

Merry Christmas, mamas! I hope you're all taking in every moment--the endless snacking of sugar cookies and those amazingly addicting peppermint pretzel thin things, and that you're up to your nose in tinsel and garland and baubles and twinkle lights.

The Baby Cubby is in full-on holiday mode, and we're getting ready to give you all the Christmas goodies for you, your littles, and any other friends/fam in your life, and giving you deals on great gifts all month long!

Christmas is Coming! An Advent Book
Christmas is Coming! An Advent Book

The Christmas season is all about celebrating the love that we have for those around us, and how we can show them by giving them gifts. And what is one of the most unique and iconic gifting songs of all time?

The Twelve Days of Christmas!

We all know the song, even if the majority of us have no idea what a partridge looks like or why anyone would want one gifted to them in a pear tree, but the fact is that it's a song that we all know and is an absolute symbol of the holidays.

But did you know that it actually originated as a game? How fun is that?! Back in 19th Century England, it was a type of "memory" game that you would play in pairs, and if you couldn't remember the next verse in the song after repeating the ones before it you owed your partner a gift-- normally a kiss or a piece of candy. I can't actually express how much I love this and want to play this game with my family this Christmas!

At The Baby Cubby, we're celebrating The Twelve Days of Christmas leading up to our guaranteed Christmas shipping day on the 17th, but historically the song was actually in reference to the 12 days after Christmas. Most research agrees that the first day is Christmas celebrating the birth of Christ, and the twelve days following lead up to the eventual arrival of the Three Wise Men (or Three Kings Day).

Whether you like to think of the Twelve Days of Christmas as a lead up to the big day, a funny anecdote about ridiculous gifts no one would want, or you like the Christian significance, the song is a great reminder that giving is the most important and special part of the Christmas season.

Hazel Village Cranberry Elf Jacket
Hazel Village Cranberry Elf Jacket

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