On Trend Diaper Bag Accessories You Need Now!

On Trend Diaper Bag Accessories You Need Now!

Not too long ago I mentioned the Oemi Baby Leather Diaper Bag in a post about perfect shower gifts, I think it’s safe to say I’m still in love with it and cannot picture a more beautiful and functional diaper bag! Its distressed aniline leather and water resistant lining create a perfect combination of style and durability and you wont be wanting to tuck this one away with all of the baby items once the diapering stage is done with! There are plenty of pockets for both mom and babe’s needs and this particular black bag is named Parkside, one of our very favorites.

 Oemi Baby Leather Parkside Diaper Bag \
 Parkside Leather Diaper Bag

Lets talk accessories!

The first item to add to the diaper bag (and if you’re me, the most forgotten item) is a wallet. Petunia Pickle Bottom’s Wanderlust Wallets are durable, easily cleaned, organized, and fashionable! 

 PPB Wanderlust Wallet - Secrets of Salvador

Another necessity to put in a diaper bag: a Gathre Micro Leather Mat. These changing pads are wipe-able, foldable, and waterproof making them perfect for portable diaper changes. I had never seen one of these until looking into some specific diaper bag accessories but after finding them, I am now convinced I need one!

 Gathre Micro Leather Mat - Gray      

There was never a better home for a tablet than the Petunia Pickle Bottom Stowaway Tablet Sleeve! These are durable and classy and come in two different looks: embossed and glazed.



 PPB Stowaway Tablet Sleeve - Central Park North Stop
 PPB Stowaway Tablet Sleeve - Champs Elysees Stop 


 PPB Stowaway Tablet Sleeve - Classically Crete
 PPB Stowaway Tablet Sleeve - Breakfast in Berkshire              

Now accessories for OUTSIDE of the diaper bag:

Petunia Pickle Bottom’s Valet Stroller Clips are handy dandy! Simply attach them to your most used stroller (the UPPAbaby Cruz is my personal favorite) and your diaper bag can hang with you wherever you go without needing to carry it around! These clips fit most stroller handles and are easy to use.

 PPB Valet Stroller Clips

Petunia Pickle Bottom also has a Bottle Butler that can clip to the outside of a diaper bag and keep drinks cooler or warmer with easy access! Petunia Pickle Bottom Bottle Butler… say that ten times fast!  PPB Bottle Buttler -

Secrets of Salvador
PPB Bottle Butler - Relaxing in Rimini              
Last Petunia Pickle Bottom item. For now. The Pacifier Porter is a fantastic way of keeping track of those darn binkies that always seem to get lost and are impossible to find in a diaper bag at the exact moment you need them! This contraption also hangs on the exterior of your diaper bag and has a fun cube shape with more adorable PPB prints!
PPB Pacifier Porter - Secrets of Salvador
 PPB Pacifier Porter - Blooming in Brixham  

Throw in a comfy swaddle and some diapers and you’ve got yourself a perfectly packed diaper bag! Organized, accessible, sophisticated, and prepared.

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