One Mama's Guide for Sick Season

One Mama's Guide for Sick Season

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! When the weather gets colder, clothes get cozier, soups are always on the menu, and drinking cocoa with marshmallows is acceptable 24 hours a day! But with all these warm, fuzzy comforts comes another winter staple that we are all too familiar with: cold and flu season. It's quite possibly the worst combination since Uggs and mini skirts. When you're a mama, you know the horrible feeling of waking up to a pitiful, runny-nosed babe at 2 a.m. combined with a fever and red eyes. And the poor kid sounds like a lawn mower every time he breathes in.

The worst part of this nightmare is that it's not a one-and-done thing either. A doctor told one of our Cubby Moms that kids can be sick every 2-3 weeks during the winter. What? Seriously? No. But let's work on keeping our heads on straight, let's take a deep breath (a sip of cocoa) and work on what we can do to keep our little ones healthy. What can we do to help them when they do come down with thedreaded cold/flu? Fridababy BreatheFrida Wipes 30 ct Fridababy BreatheFrida Wipes 30 ct
Keep things clean, including your kid I'm not saying hire a maid to dust all your belongings, but I'm saying invest in a baby-safe, germ-killing spray that you can douse your house in. Door knobs and Babe's toys are a couple of my most sprayed spots. Also, remember to wash sheets, pillows, and blankets every couple of weeks to keep the yuck at bay. I also have a huge crush on hand sanitizer. I keep a bottle in my purse and my diaper bag to make sure that we're doing the quick squirt when we're out and about. Also, make sure to wash everyone's hands all. of. the. time. Eat, sleep and drink Fruits, veggies, grains, vitamins. Try your best to get these into your sweetie, because the healthier their little bodies are, the less chance that those nasty sicknesses will take. Veggie soup is a weekly staple in our house! I make a huge batch with carrots, onions, celery, and tomato with a yummy broth that my little man looooooves. He's not a huge fan of raw veggies, so cooking them in a soup is the easiest way for me to get them in. Find a way that works best for your sweetie and don't hold back, because our tots need all the help they can get! Fluids are huge as well, so make sure to have some yummy, vitamin-packed juices stocked--pick up one of the fruit and veggie blends, because, well, why not, mama? Sleep is a must. For everyone. So kick the late nights for yourself, and make sure you're getting your kids down at an earlier hour than they're used to. They may surprise you by sleeping in a little later, and you'll realize how much they actually need the extra ZZZs. Humidifier and jammies Here's a little bit of sage wisdom. Footed pajamas are pretty much my go-to during sick season. Call me superstitious, but I just have this mama feeling that putting my babe in a onesie from head to toe keeps all the sickness away! Plus, it makes putting any sort of mentholated rub on their chest and feet impenetrable, and therefore more effective. If you're not buying that logic, then another necessity in my babe's room is a humidifier. Even if you're not in a dry climate, the humidifier will make the air cleaner and easier to breathe. These are going to help relieve those cold symptoms and sinus irritation. Whether you're dealing with a dry cough, or a runny nose and sore throat, this will help to cleanse the air and keep the germs at bay, while making it easier to breathe. Our son's humidifier is on every night, and when he gets sick we sometimes add in a couple drops of lavender or peppermint to help with his symptoms. Essentials on hand Chances are your little one is going to get sick, despite your hard work, and my incredible advice. So to make sure you aren't caught off-guard in the middle of the night with out medicine (or caffeine for yourself), do everyone a favor, and get the essentials once the leaves start falling. In our son's medicine cabinet, we're talking cold and cough medicine, Tylenol to reduce fever, and take away some pain if needed, and the Fridababy NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator to clear out those sinuses, because listening to that clogged breathing is just painful for a mama. We've also got a couple tubs of vapor rub on hand at all times for rubbing into his chest and feet when he's stuffy. Also, make sure you've got a trusty thermometer on hand.
Fridababy Fever Frida Thermomonitor Sensor
Last fall, my son got sick, and ours was actually reading 3 degrees lower than the temp they read at the ER. We were shocked and really freaked that we were so unprepared. Look into a thermometer that is super efficient and reliable, like the Fridababy FeverFrida Thermomonitor Sensor. Along with the adhesive patches, you'll get an accurate reading on your sweetie's temp all through the night when they actually do fall asleep.

No one is ready to deal with a sick sweetie, but you can absolutely be up for the challenge if you've got the right things on hand to take care of the sickness, and the right mama-can-do spirit! You've got this sick season handled!

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