Organizing the Most-Used Spaces in Your Home

Organizing the Most-Used Spaces in Your Home

Let’s talk about organization. It can be overwhelming at times, but, oh can it be incredibly calming and pretty to look at, am I right?! Let’s be real, though--when you start to have kids the whole neat, tidy, and organized part of a home can be hard to keep up. But even in the messy, there is magic in it--proof that you have little miracles in your life. So let me help you out with some tips for organizing the most-used spaces in your home, making it more functional and easy to find the things you need.


When it comes to organizing, the first thing I do is create a plan. After that, I clear everything out of the space I'm organizing and start taking inventory. As I am doing that, I check what I think needs to be kept or thrown away or recycled--for example, moving old first aid kit/emergency kit items to your extra toiletry bin.


Organizing your home does not have to be expensive. There's really no "it- brand to help you maximize your space more than the other. You can go to the container store and spend tons of money, or you can try the dollar store or Target and get the same look-alike item but for a cheaper price and still create the functional space you want.


There’s no point in organization if it’s not practical and easier for everyone to use. You don’t want to have a box of toys and have that box be hard to reach or difficult to pull out from its designated space. Make it easy--easy to look at and easy to use. Change the way you use the space that you have to make it more usable. Play around with the area and items and see what you think works for you. 


This is key, because the more slots, holders, and bins you can fit in your space, the more you maximize reaching that closet's true potential! Nowadays there are bins that take up the tiniest of spaces in your drawers, and some bigger bins that have dividers to create sections to create so many organization spaces. Every space counts, and you can find ways to use every bit of it.


Let’s break down how to organize the most used spaces in your home such as playrooms, linen closets, craft spaces, and your pantry: 


This is probably one of the most important spaces you want to get organized. It will very much be the space that will be clean one second and then demolished the next. Use labels on boxes and bins so each kind of toy has a specific spot. You can also use pictures with your labels to will help your kids learn where to put their toys! I cannot say enough that my kid has cleaned his room better from just seeing pictures of where items go in his toy section! Use kid-friendly toy storage-- no hard edges for young ones, instead use fabric cubbies and cubes. Create a spot for toys to be put away and a little “library” section to put your books on, with floating shelves or even a small bookshelf. Make this place a fun area for your kids. You can never start too early or be too late with this! 


Remove the cardboard--any cardboard boxes you have. Instead, invest in some clear plastic containers. These will help you maximize your pantry and shelf space efficiently. As you are putting your groceries away, dump those cereal or crackers in their designated container and trash the box. This will also allow you to see what you have and how much you have. Clear containers will also create a polished and clean look to your pantry, making it more pretty to look at. Win-win in my book. For your canned goods there are stackable racks/storage holders that will maximize your space vertically rather than horizontally like other storage spaces. Keep less frequently used items higher or in a deeper part of the pantry and keep most used items in the front or where it’s more accessible. Lazy Susans are a must in my pantry and so easy to get what you need/see everything fast! 

Linen Closet

Grid storage boxes are a great way to organize your pillow cases and towels. Keep each shelf organized: one shelf for towels, one shelf for bedding ,etc. Create door space. I love this one! Don’t let it just be something that opens and closes but also hang up an over-the-door organizer to put anything you can think of, like toilet paper or more towel space! Get rid of anything that hasn’t been touched in years, and trust me there are some linens hiding in the back of that closet that are no longer used. Maybe even practice your towel and sheet folding. There are different ways to fold them that will minimize the space that they take up. Have your sheets organized by size: king, queen, twin, crib, etc. 

Craft Closet

Another area that will be touched by little hands is the craft space. This can get messy easily and often because of the simple fact that papers, glitter, and pom poms are in there. Don’t toss those pickle/salsa/mason jars; these work great to create an organized look in your craft space. Buy magazine file holders and put your papers in there. These also allow you to put a label on it so you can tell what is in them. Pegboards also work so that items are easily accessible and you can add more organization bins later on. Label anything and everything you can so you know where all the tiny and big items are. 

There you have it! I hope this has helped you find new ways to create an organized space in the most popular spaces in your home. Remember to restart, take inventory, re-organize and label! Happy Organizing!

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