Our Favorite, Must-See Bags

Our Favorite, Must-See Bags

Buying a diaper bag, or ANY bag, can be incredibly overwhelming! It’s quite the commitment and you want it to be the perfect fit, so how in the world are you supposed to make a decision?! Lucky for you, we’ve thought of many questions moms face when making the big diaper bag decision and you can read all about those in our Diaper Bag Buying Guide! As for now, I’d like to just quickly go over a few of the most popular options to choose from.


This is quickly becoming my favorite diaper bag brand and here’s why--there is something for EVERYONE. Any situation, any person, any style, Babymel has just what you need!


Nope, not a diaper bag. But yep, one of our most popular items! With the classic, the mini, and the Raven 28, you're pretty much a winner no matter what!

Fawn Design

We do not sell these guys online, but no way was I going to leave them out of this list! Call our store to hear our current inventory and order either the Original or the Mini 2.0!

Freshly Picked

These guys have the perfect eye for what women love! These babies have been flying off the shelves since we first got them in! Two sizes, SO many colors. 


This brand is home to our only current overnight bag. And boy, do we LOVE this bag! Think diaper bag meets duffle bag, and it's made from beautiful vegan leather. The perfect bag for a carry-on, twins, Grandma’s house, or just an oversized diaper bag!


These 4 bags are in a league of their own, specifically because of how unique they are to the diaper bag market. Let’s just say, there are a lot of heart eyes in the Lassig section.

Glam Goldie Backpack - Mint
Tyve Backpack - Grey
Glam Rosie Diaper Bag - Rose
Goldie Twin Backpack Diaper Bag - Anthracite

Petunia Pickle Bottom

The gold medal of diaper bags goes to Petunia Pickle Bottom. There’s not a chance you haven’t heard about these guys because they’ve been a big deal for a long time. BUT have you kept up on their product options? Just because they have been around for awhile doesn’t mean their styles are in any way “out of date”. These guys for sure know what they're doing.

Oh yeah, did I mention all of our bags are on sale? Right now? For 20% off! Now is the perfect buying opportunity for expecting moms, new moms, moms needing an upgrade, or moms just wanting to spoil themselves (you all deserve it) with a bag they’ve been eyeing! Good luck with the decision making--there are some stellar picks in here you really can’t go wrong!

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