Our Top Developmental Toys for Infants

Our Top Developmental Toys for Infants

A couple of months may not mean much change in my life or yours, but to an infant it means a whole new world of understanding and capabilities. That means that your child's toys need to keep up with their developmental abilities! That's why our Cubby Mom's love PlanToys for their kids. PlanToys is an amazing brand that makes wooden gadgets and gizmos specifically designed to encourage brain development for little ones.  By understanding where children are developmentally at different ages, PlanToys has come up with a large selection of beautiful and stimulating toys.

0-6 Month Olds

PlanToys Baby Car

From the time they're born until six months old, those littles have a lot to learn!  They figure out muscle control, and how to lift their head up. They learn to smile, and express physical and emotional needs.  They learn to put things in their mouth, hold onto small things, and turn their bodies to look at things.  Appropriate toys for a 0-6 month old should be colorful to help improve vision and focus, they can make noises to stimulate auditory senses, and they should be lightweight and easy for small hands to grab. Hence why PlanToy's Baby Car is the perfect toy for this age group! Its body is flexible and easy to move which can help infants develop their grasping abilities - a precursor to other motor skills!

The Roller is also a great toy for 0-6 month olds because it has bright colors to help develop vision. The jingle in it is also great for stimulating auditory senses as well as developing a sense of cause-and-effect - something that will take them awhile to learn so the earlier they start the better!

6-12 Month Olds

Happy Puppy
PlanToys Happy Puppy

Between six and twelve months babies learn to sit without support, crawl, and even walk!  They also can start teething and babbling lots!  Toys for a 6-12 month old should have different textures.  Push-and-pull toys are also great!  They encourage walking and help with balance.

The Happy Puppy is one of my personal favorite PlanToys.  The tail wags as you pull it along by the attached string.  Its ears are made of a felt-like material which is helpful for babies to learn about texture. Since sensory nerves in baby's fingers and hands are less developed than nerves in their mouths the more textures your little on can get a hold of to develop those sensory nerves the better!

Dino Cars are awesome push-pull toys and they are stinkin' cute! The perfect size for little hands, they also have small divets and contrasting colors to help with that sensory and eye development. Children often need to develop their ability to spot similar, but different, colors - which is why this toy is perfect.

12-18 Month Olds

Stacking Ring
PlanToys Stacking Ring

Toys for a 12-18 month old are a little more fun!  Push-pull toys are still great, but you can also start introduce toys have have to do with organization, patterns, or matching.

The Stacking Ring is a really neat toy.  The rings are bright colors and it allows kids to organize the rings in all sorts of different ways! This helps babies and toddlers to develop their reasoning skills, spacial abilities, and more! Perfect for just new one year olds who are starting to develop those skills. And don't worry if they don't get it right off - the more they play with it and goof around, the more they will learn. Trust me.

So if you're looking for appropriate toys for your infant, check out PlanToys!  For even more information on interacting with infants, read this blog "How to Play with Your Newborn" we posted just last week! Don't forget to tag your #cubbygear on Instagram @thebabycubby for a chance to get reposted! 'Till next time! ♥ Alexa

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