Owlet V3: Smart and Safe Snoozing

Owlet V3: Smart and Safe Snoozing

Owlet has completely redesigned its Smart Sock and now it's smarter than ever.

If you're not familiar with the Owlet, it's a baby vitals monitor that tracks what your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels are while they sleep using pulse oximetry technology. If your baby's levels fall below "normal", parents are quickly alerted by an alarm to the monitor base using Bluetooth technology. It's a genius little product that has provided peace of mind for millions of parents since it's launch in 2015.

Based on real-life feedback from parents, Owlet reengineered the Smart Sock with updated technology and product improvements. The Owlet V3 can now accommodate smaller newborns at just 5 lbs. I often hear parents comment on how they wish the Owlet could help older children, particularly those with special needs, and now the Owlet V3 can be used for children up to 30 lbs, which is a fantastic feature!

Another enhancement Owlet incorporated into their latest Smart Sock design is a hands-free, "drop and go" wireless charger. The wireless charger easily connects to the base and can deliver a fully charged Smart Sock in just 90 minutes, with a battery life of 16 hours, as opposed to a 4-hour charge time that prior models required. That means you can fully charge your Owlet V3 before nap time without having to worry about the battery life!

But wait, there's more! Owlet also improved the functionality of the Smart Sock to better track baby's levels while using gentle motion devices, such as the Snoo or other sleep approved rockers and swings.

Owlet is a Utah-based company that believes in giving parents their peace of mind by knowing that the Owlet is tracking what really matters, especially during those first few anxious and overwhelming months of your baby's life.

The third-generation Smart Sock from Owlet will hit our shelves soon! You can shop the Owlet V3 in-store or online at BabyCubby.com.


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