Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Pack Review

Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Pack Review


This MIGHT just be my most FAVORITE bag on the PLANET.

"Why???" you ask? Well let me tell you the GAZILLION REASONS.

While it is a casual diaper bag, I feel like I can still dress up & wear it with anything. It's not a girly bag either, which is nice because if my husband is out & about with the kids, he won't mind sporting it around town.

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Pack comes in the Birch & Black (above) + the Birch & Stone (below).

I have the Birch & Black, but I think I need the Birch & Stone, too!

At ONLY $159 I think I can justify getting TWO of the same bag. They look different enough to own BOTH, right!?!

While the outside of the bag looks like a nice canvas there is a durable glaze coating on the top of the canvas, making it easy to wipe up messes. The logo on the bottom corner of the bag is classic. I love the adjustable & removable shoulder + backpack straps. The small handle on top makes it easy to grab out of the car or out of the stroller basket.

There is one ZIPPERED NET POCKET on the inside of the main flap. It's perfect for a spare change of clothes. This bag has SOOOOO MANY POCKETS. 

You know how some bags have unnecessary pockets...ya, this is NOT one of those bags. I LOVE every single pocket.They are all easy to access & hold a reasonable amount. The top zipper pocket is perfect for my wallet + keys + phone + sunglasses.There is a deeper magazine pocket just below the zippered pocket which is perfect for all of your diapers or other quick needs!

It comes with Petunia's iconic wipes case and an amazing changing pad that is compact and easy to fold with even one hand.

There are TWO Bottle Pockets on the outer bag, but I put them inside to show how big it's ONLY half way full! This shows the outer ZIPPERED MESH POCKET that is great for things that you want to keep separate from everything else like pacifiers, teethers, toys etc.



There is the mesh pocket on the back of the flap, I like to put extra baby clothes in there. And little did you know, there is another pocket on the back of the bag. There is also a laptop pocket (on the inside of the bag, with the book inside). I had my laptop in the pocket and the bag was surprisingly light still! It was comfortable on my shoulder and the weight was distributed evenly. Even with my hands full, the over-the-shoulder strap is comfortable.

I love the backpack option. Ever since I've owned a backpack style diaper bag I have NEVER GONE BACK. I will always own a backpack style because it makes life with the littles so much easier!!!! It's less time that I am fumbling with my bag + trying to keep track of it and more time LOVING my little girl.

This diaper bag is one of the most versatile bags I have ever come across. Easy to use, comfortable, light, crazy organization, etc! Seriously. Come into our Lindon, UT baby store and check it out in person or just go ahead and order it. Seriously, you will NOT be disappointed.

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