Petunia Pickle Bottom's Newest Additions!

Petunia Pickle Bottom's Newest Additions!

We are all about welcoming new additions here at Baby Cubby. So naturally, we are pretty excited about the new bag releases from Petunia Pickle Bottom! These days, it seems that more and more moms are wanting a leather-like bag for one reason or another. Petunia has definitely heard that call and has delivered with their two newest bags; you are going to love them!

In my opinion, there are three very important things: 1. Style, because you need to love the bag you are carrying every day! 2. Organization, because life can be chaotic enough when kids are in tow without a messy bag. 3. Durability, because this bag is going to take a beating as I tote it all over town. These three things are perfectly accomplished by these two beautiful bags. Let's talk about some features, shall we?!

The Balance Backpack

Obviously, this is a backpack which immediately gives it one winning feature! With the padded backpack straps, you also have top handles for a quick grab option. A wide zippered opening leads you to the spacious and organized interior, giving you lots of space for all the baby and kid things you need!


Balance Backpack in Black Matte Leatherette - Baby Cubby


Balance Backpack in Black Matte Leatherette

Balance Backpack in Black Matte Leatherette - Baby Cubby


This bag is currently made in the beautiful black matte leatherette giving you a timeless look, that is durable enough to keep your bag going for a long time ahead! As always with Petunia bags, you get a PPB wipes case and changing pad with your bag. With the Balance Backpack, you also have a little bonus; the zippered front pocket actually removes and turns into a little wristlet! I LOVE that feature because you get a mommy bag and a no-kids-in-tow bag with one purchase.

The Boxy in Grey Matte Leatherette

If you are familiar with Petunia Pickle Bottom at all, you know that their Boxy Backpack is not a brand new bag type. But that is a comforting fact! For years and years, moms have been in love with this bag! Now you just get the option in a new and extremely beautiful grey matte leatherette fabric.

Boxy Backpack in Grey Matte Leatherette - Baby Cubby

Boxy Backpack in Grey Matte Leatherette


Boxy Backpack in Grey Matte Leatherette - Baby Cubby


Two carrying options, fold-out changing pad, magnetic front flap closure, and pockets to fit all your organization needs! With the Boxy, you also get the PPB wipes case to accompany the fold-out changing pad as well as stroller clips! Of course, the real show stopper with this specific bag is the gorgeous matte leatherette. Isn't it just so subtly pretty?!

I am so happy that Petunia has put these new options out on the market! I have always loved the structure and interior of their bags, but am such a minimalist when it comes to print and design. My husband jokes that I have commitment issues with patterns and color. He is right. I love the combination of such a trusted brand, with an exterior that is right up my alley! These bags are released and ready for purchase, so check them out here for every last detail and then buy them all!

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