Planning a Quick Trip? Try Our Birdling Bags

Planning a Quick Trip? Try Our Birdling Bags

Every mom has her go-to diaper bag, and then there are the less-fancy bags that you just throw all your crap into when you're in a rush. Ideally, your diaper bag will combine the best of style and convenience by providing an appropriate amount of space for everything you need--and not necessarily space for everything else, like the kitchen sink.

You've all seen (and maybe used) the over-sized purses that become a gaping black hole of bobby pins, old cosmetics, and gum wrappers. Don't let your diaper bag morph into that purse's even more sinister-looking cousin. Minimalism is in, but don't think that we're suggesting you limit yourself when it comes to diaper bags. Instead, take a closer look at the simple and lovely design of our new Birdling Bags!

The Overnighter

Birdling Bags Overnighter Diaper Bag

Birdling Bags Overnighter Diaper Bag

Behold, the Overnighter Diaper Bag, perfect for those impromptu nights at Nana's house, or perhaps a fun day trip to the museum! Although the smaller version of The Weekender, The Overnighter features plenty of great traits, including eight trusty pockets and a large interior compartment. Whatever your needs, this diaper bag will exceed your expectations with flying colors! Speaking of colors, we offer The Overnighter in the following choices:

  • Washed Olive
  • Washed Blue
  • Navy
  • Grey

Whether you just need a bag to take to the gym or want just one piece of your mommy paraphernalia to look stylish, the Birdling Overnighter Bag will be there.

The Weekender


Birdling Bags Weekender Diaper Bag

Spontaneous weekend getaways with the kids are the best, but only if you managed to pack properly despite the short notice. But quick, yet organized, packing comes easy when you have three separate interior compartments at your disposal. Yes, it's finally here, the perfect diaper bag for your weekend trip: The Weekender.

This elegant diaper bag is larger than The Overnighter, giving you even more options for use. Now you can enjoy a quick road trip to the beach or a few days anywhere with your kids, because this bag keeps you prepared and organized. From its flattering exterior to its thoughtful design, you'll feel like you can go anywhere with The Weekender in tow.

With Birdling Bags, you're free to see the world with everything you need at your fingertips.

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I haven’t seen these bags before! I think they are brilliant as hubby wouldn’t mind using it as well. Great that you can fit so much in them too. We typically use a backpack diaper bag for our travels as we use the bag for hiking and daytrips, but I can see the benefit of using these for quick weekend escapes where you just want to relax :)

Sophia Baker

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