Video: Playard Comparison: 4moms breeze plus v. Nuna Sena Aire

Video: Playard Comparison: 4moms breeze plus v. Nuna Sena Aire

We've got another playard comparison for you! In this video, we're putting the Nuna Sena Aire and the 4moms breeze plus head-to-head.

They are similar in size, design, and functionality, but there are a few differing accessories to consider. For example, the 4moms breeze plus has a flip-down changer that attaches to the top. On the other hand, the Nuna Sena Aire comes with an organic cotton sheet for the mattress pad. In each case, these accessories must be purchased separately for the respective playard.

These two playards are actually the same height and width, but the 4moms breeze plus is just under two inches longer. It's slightly more boxy, and the Nuna Sena Aire has more of a round shape. Without the bassinets and the breeze plus' changer, they weigh within one pound of each other. It's important to note that the bassinet insert on the 4moms breeze plus is smaller and sits a bit higher. Luckily, you can simply zip the sides of the mattress on to make it big enough to be used in playard mode. This does mean that you will need to buy two separate sheets, though.

They also have similar one-handed pull tabs for folding. The Nuna Sena Aire's bassinet can stay in to fold, but it makes it a lot bulkier. (Note that its mattress can only be used to clasp around the edge for storage if the bassinet is out.) Honestly, you can't go wrong with either option, but price is something to consider. The 4moms breeze plus retails for about $100 less than the Nuna Sena Aire.

Both of these playards are really sturdy, high quality pieces of gear! They're great for any nursery.

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