Potty Training is Hard, but Puj Makes it Easier!

Potty Training is Hard, but Puj Makes it Easier!

As the mama of a 4-year-old boy, one of the things I talk about just about more than anything else is if he's potty trained, and how we survived. I have to say, it is totally hilarious to me how much every single mother (myself included) is either terrified of potty training, or looks back on those days with equal amounts of dread and horror.

The entire thing is just a bizarre process of teaching your little one this new skill that is so easy for us to understand, but makes them SO nervous, and SO scared, and SO out of their element and it just throws everyone into this orbit of tears, skittles, and accidents and somehow there's a lot more nudity than I ever imagined.

What I'm trying to say is that potty training is hard. Even if you have the best child in the world, *heh*, you're probably going to have this potty training stage where things get tense and lessons are being learned and everyone is adjusting. It's HARD.

So we need something to make it a little easier. Like a lot of things...but this post isn't about the necessity of caffeine and a good floor cleaner while you're potty training. Nope. This post is about training your little to use a toilet without dying.

That's where the Puj Easy Seat Toilet Trainer comes in to save your mama day. Here's the deal, I am the type of mama who wanted NOTHING to do with a little seat on the floor that I would have to clean out, dump out, and deal with--that was just not in my plans. So I needed something that would make going on the toilet easier for my son and that is EXACTLY what this does.

It's the perfect size for little bums and it's comfy. Because it's made from foam, it doesn't get cold like a normal toilet seat, and your kid won't whine and cry about their bum freezing every time they sit down (don't worry they'll find other things to whine about).

Even though I was potty training a little boy, we started him sitting down, instead of standing up, because daddy was at work, and I wasn't able to demonstrate. So sitting it was! And I love that the Easy Seat has a little lip on the front that makes littles feel more stable and secure when they're going, AND it has a spray shield so that the training session doesn't end up all. over. the. bathroom. And I do mean all over. Like everywhere.

Unlike other toilet seats that I've seen/used, I like that the Puj Trainer doesn't attach to the seat, because it makes it easy to put on and take off every time your little needs to go, AND you can take it with you if your little is training and you're headed out somewhere. Not ideal, but sometimes so, so necessary. That way you won't deal with an accident or a screaming child afraid to fall in the toilet bowl at Target. No one needs that.

This seat also doesn't break the bank, so I like the idea that you could buy multiple seats if you wanted to have the option for them to go in any bathroom in your home, or to keep one in the car for those outings that last a little longer than you expected. You can also hang it up at your little's level using one of the Puj storage hooks so that they can grab it when they need it, or NOT at your little's level so that it's not being used as a hat (yes I am being serious) when they're not sitting on it. Either way, it keeps you from having to have it sit on the floor when it's not being used, and I like that it keeps things a little more clean and organized.

Potty training is hard. It just is. You're teaching your kid a new skill and it is frustrating, a little messy, and totally new to both of you, but with little things like the Puj Easy Seat Toilet Trainer, you can make a hard thing a little bit easier. So pop the seat on the toilet and get training, mamas!


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