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Promptly Journals: Making Journaling as Effortless as Possible

Promptly Journals

I love to write. It’s probably a good thing that I do when writing blogs and teaching students how to write are my two jobs. Even so, writing in a baby book seemed daunting to me. How will I know what to write? What will I forget? When should I write? What about scrapbooks? I felt overwhelmed with the responsibility and guilty with the thought that I didn’t really want to have an elaborate scrapbook for my baby. (Although they are so dang cute, I know my personality and know that I wouldn’t be able to do it.)

I also thought about baby books practically. I knew that as my babies got here, I would have less and less time to print out pictures and frame them with cute paper and caption everything. Even with the best intentions I knew this was a long shot. If you are not the oldest in the family, you know this first hand. I luckily am the oldest, so my baby book is huge--spilling out of the massive binder that holds its contents. My brother’s baby book is significantly smaller, because not only did my mom try and keep up with my baby book as well, but now there were two small children to pour love and attention into. I also have heard I was kind of a “tough” child so it was probably my fault my brother doesn’t have a large baby book. Sorry, David!

With all of this information in the back of my head I knew I needed something different than what I had seen before. The things that I was hoping for in a baby book were prompts to keep me on track, simplicity (aka no scrapbooking), and a sustainable journal that I wouldn’t give up on when they were four. That is where Promptly came in. 

Promptly’smission is simple: Make journaling as effortless as possible…” Sold. The first thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant with both of my little girls was a Promptly Childhood History Journal. When I say they hit all the marks--I mean it. Promptly Childhood History JournalJournaling that Keeps Me on Track

Promptly Childhood Journals start with your pregnancy and end when the child is 18. It has prompts for you to answer for each trimester of your pregnancy, each month of your baby’s first year, and every year then on out. Since it is organized in this way I never lose track of what month or year I need to catch up on or question what important milestone I forgot to mention. I also don’t have to try and think about what to write because it tells me what to write. The prompts aren’t overwhelming and do not ask for an essay-length answer, but if you want to write more each section has a “special thoughts/memories” page for you to essays if you'd like. I found this especially helpful for my baby girl's birth story because I felt like there was so much to say.

Simplistic Journaling

The Promptly Journal is simple. It has a minimalist design from cover to contents (honestly, they are beautiful I wish they could fill my bookshelves). It can sit on my bedside table or snuggly fit into my backpack/purse to be written in whenever I have time. I don’t need to pull out boxes of craft supplies to work on it or set aside a specific time to add to my babes' baby books. There is space for me to add pictures when I have time/remember, but there is no need to add any other frills. 

Sustainable Journaling

Promptly is something I will be able to do until my child is 18 because it keeps me on track and is simple. I am not going to be burned out or get so lost and far behind that I give up. It is a once a month commitment for baby's first year and a once a year commitment then on out. 

Promptly’s mission goes on to say that their journals are made “…so people can access healing, connection, and presence whenever and wherever they need.” They understand the importance of journaling, not just because it keeps a history of your life, but also because it can help to ease anxieties and maintain our well being. 

Promptly has many different types of journals: memory journals, connection journals, kids journals, self-care journals, healing journals, and blank journals. I also have a Couples Connection Journal that has been amazing for my husband and me. The left side of the journal and the right side of the journal each have the same questions. I write on the left side and my husband writes on the right. When we are done we read each other's responses and talk about them because it may bring up areas in our relationship we need to pay better attention to or we just have warm fuzzies because the answers are so sweet.

Promptly Journals really are amazing for any stage of life you are in--especially if you are on the look out for the perfect baby book.

Go to to get your journals today.

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