Puppy-and-Me Clothing

Puppy-and-Me Clothing

Do you just love matching mommy-and-me outfits? Well, this one's for you! We now sell matching puppy-and-me outfits! Don't miss out on dressing up your furry children and your human children like twins!

Plus, get them matching teethers!

And if that's not enough, get them both a matching pacifier!

Why can’t Elsa have a balloon? Because she will let it go! But you know one thing people won’t let go? April Fools’ day! Are you team 'Pranks for Days' or team 'Totally Over It'?  Regardless of which team you throw your weight towards, this holiday seems to have stuck, and we at The Baby Cubby, are clearly here for it. 

The origins of April Fools’ Day are a little hazy.  No one quite knows where or when it started.  Some speculate that the holiday originated in 1582 when France adopted the Julian calendar and began celebrating the new year on January 1st, rather than on Easter. Those who were slow to get the news and continued to celebrate the new year during the spring were considered April Fools. Others assume the origins of the holiday are related to the vernal equinox when people are suddenly fooled by mother nature and changes in the weather.

Though not an official holiday, it is surely celebrated across the world.  Once in 1957, BBC reported that Swiss farmers had a record spaghetti crop that year. They went to great lengths showing a picture of people harvesting noodles from trees. Even Taco Bell got on board with pranking in 1996, claiming they’d purchased the Liberty Bell and were planning to rename it the Taco Liberty Bell. We too might be a little guilty of harmless teasing this year. Whatever the origin, it seems as though universally, it's been decided we all need a good laugh during the springtime.

Whether it’s a good old fashion dad joke or perfectly timed and executed prank, we could all use a good laugh right now. So, jump on board, and put your finest pranking skills to the test. We’re excited to see how you celebrate this holiday!

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