Puppy Love for Mudpuppy

Puppy Love for Mudpuppy

My oldest daughter just turned four, and I'm in such disbelief! I cannot believe how fast time flies! She is so smart and independent with such a big personality that it also feels like she's sixteen sometimes, too! 

Having a four-year-old is such a wild ride! There are highs and lows all day long, but also the sweetest conversations and insights that only a child can give. One of my favorite things about my four-year-old is that she loves her own play time. She could spend hours playing in her room some days. Obviously I love this time so I can catch up around the house, but I think that she enjoys the quiet time away from her busy two-year-old sister.  

Her favorite thing to do in her room is puzzles! She's already such a nerd! It really is so sweet, though. She could put puzzles together all day long -- and her favorites are the darling puzzles by Mudpuppy.  

Mudpuppy Magnetic Tin

The thing I love about Mudpuppy is their variety. They have larger puzzles for older kids, wooden puzzles for smaller kids, magnetic tins for on-the-go fun, books, and games to help build kids' memories! My daughters love them for their fun and creative designs, the extras fun facts that are included with them,  and the hours of play they spend putting them together.

I can't think of a toy that I have loved more as a parent than puzzles. I love the problem solving skills that they build, and I love the pride my child feels when she completes one!

Mudpuppy Jumbo Mama Puzzle

Mudpuppy's quality is top notch, and they pride themselves on using products that contain 90% recycled paper, and packaging that contains 70% recycled paper. They are also printed with nontoxic inks!

Check out all that Mudpuppy has to offer at The Baby Cubby, and get your kid hooked on puzzles, too! 

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