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Quincy Mae Has Come To Play

Quincy Mae is back again with effortless outfits and soft hues for spring and summer! 

This collection of clothing basics are designed by Quincy Mae, the sister company of another popular children's clothing brand, Rylee and Cru

Certified organic cotton make these pieces breathable and ideal for warmer months. Each piece is absolute perfection! 


Longsleeve Baby Tee - Ocean
Longsleeve Baby Tee - Gold Stripe
Longsleeve Baby Tee - Gold
Woven Tank Top - Ash
Woven Tank Top - Gold
Woven Henry Top - Periwinkle
Woven Henry Top - Natural

Woven Tank Top - Sage Stripe


Drawstring Pant - Ocean
Drawstring Pant - Gold Stripe
Drawstring Pant - Gold 
Drawstring Pant - Petal
Woven Harem Pant - Periwinkle 
Woven Harem Pant - Natural
Woven Short - Ash
Woven Short - Sage Stripe
Gathered Bloomer - Ocean
Gathered Bloomer - Gold Stripe
Gathered Bloomer - Petal
Gathered Bloomer - Gold


Quincy Mae Gathered Bloomer Gold

Woven Short - Gold


Longsleeve Gauze Dress - Ivory
Longsleeve Gauze Dress - Petal Stripe
Woven Ruffle Tube Dress - Sage Stripe
Short Sleeve Baby Dress - Blossom Petal

Quincy Mae Short Sleeve Baby Dress GoldShort Sleeve Baby Dress - Gold

 One-Pieces & Rompers:

Sleeveless Jumpsuit - Blossom Petal
Sleeveless Jumpsuit - Ocean
Sleeveless Jumpsuit - Gold
Short Sleeve Onesie - Ocean
Short Sleeve Onesie - Gold Stripe
Short Sleeve Onesie - Natural
Short Sleeve Onesie - Ivory
Skirted Tank Onesie - Ivory
Zip Longsleeve Sleeper - Gold

Kimono Top and Footed Pant Set - Natural
Woven Button Jumpsuit - Sage Stripe
Sleeveless Bubble Onesie - Gold Stripe
Sleeveless Bubble Onesie - Petal
Full Snap Footie - Blossom Petal
Full Snap Footie - Ocean
Full Snap Footie - Gold Stripe
Kimono Onesie - Blossom Petal
Kimono Onesie - Ocean
Kimono Onesie - Gold Stripe
Kimono Onesie - Ivory
Sleeveless Peplum Set - Petal Stripe
Sleeveless Peplum Set - Ivory Gold

Quincy Mae Woven Button Jumpsuit Natural

Woven Button Jumpsuit - Natural

Blankets & Accessories:

Little Knot Headband - Petal Stripe
Little Knot Headband - Periwinkle
Little Knot Headband - Sage

Little Knot Headband - Natural
Schoolgirl Bow - Petal Stripe
Schoolgirl Bow - Periwinkle
Schoolgirl Bow - Sage
Schoolgirl Bow - Natural
Baby Socks 4 Pack - Ivory / Ocean / Petal / Gold 
Woven Baby Bonnet - Sage Stripe 
Woven Baby Bonnet - Petal Stripe 
Woven Baby Bonnet - Periwinkle 
Woven Baby Bonnet - Natural 
Woven Baby Bonnet - Ivory 
Woven Tie Bib - Natural
Pixie Bonnet - Ocean 

Pixie Bonnet - Gold Stripe
Pixie Bonnet - Gold 
Pixie Bonnet - Petal 
Baby Turban - Ocean 
Baby Turban - Gold Stripe  
Baby Turban - Gold 
Baby Turban - Petal 
Baby Booties - Ivory 
Knotted Baby Hat - Ocean
Knotted Baby Hat - Gold Stripe
Knotted Baby Hat - Petal
Knotted Baby Hat - Natural

Quincy Mae Knotted Headband

Baby Turban - Natural 


Brushed Jersey Swaddle - Gold Stripe
Brushed Jersey Swaddle - Ocean

Quincy Mae Jersey Swaddle - Blossom Petal

You can shop the latest launch from Quincy Mae in store or online at BabyCubby.com.


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