Summer Lovin' With Quincy Mae - The Baby Cubby

Summer Lovin' With Quincy Mae

It is no secret that we love Quincy Mae here at The Baby Cubby. Considering they only use certified organic cotton, why wouldn’t we?

We are so excited that we have another launch of their darling designs beautifully made to fit any lifestyle! We hope you like this launch as much as we do!


Terry Tank - Ivory Retrostripe 

Ribbed Longsleeve Lap Tee - Ash Stripe 
Ribbed Longsleeve Lap Tee - Charcoal Stripe
Ribbed Longsleeve Lap Tee - Terracotta
Ribbed Longsleeve Lap Tee - Sage

Ribbed Tank - Ash Stripe 
Ribbed Tank - Terracotta
Ribbed Tank - Sage
Terry Tank - Ocean
Terry Tank - Ivory Retrostripe 
Terry Tank - Terracotta 

Pointelle Tee - Petal 
Pointelle Tee - Natural
Terry Tee - Ocean
Terry Tee - Ivory Retrostripe
Terry Tee - Terracotta 


Ribbed Legging - Ash Stripe
Ribbed Legging - Charcoal Stripe
Ribbed Legging - Terracotta
Ribbed Legging - Sage 
Pointelle Leggings - Petal 
Pointelle Leggings - Natural

Ribbed Bloomer - Ash Stripe
Ribbed Bloomer - Charcoal Stripe
Ribbed Bloomer - Terracotta
Ribbed Bloomer - Sage

Sweatpant - Ocean
Sweatpant - Ivory Retrostripe
Sweatpant - Terracotta 

Terry Shorts - Ocean
Terry Shorts - Ivory Retrostripe 
Terry Shorts - Terracotta


Ribbed Tank Dress - Terracotta

Ribbed Tank Dress - Terracotta
Terry Dress Set - Ivory Retrostripe
Ribbed Tank Dress - Charcoal Stripe

One Pieces and Rompers

Ribbed Baby Jumpsuit - Ash Stripe


Pointelle Kimono Onesie - Petal
Pointelle Kimono Onesie - Natural 

Ribbed Baby Jumpsuit - Ash Stripe
Ribbed Baby Jumpsuit - Charcoal Stripe 
Ribbed Baby Jumpsuit - Terracotta 

Retro Romper - Ocean
Retro Romper - Ivory Retrostripe
Retro Romper - Terracotta 

Blankets and Accessories

Ribbed Pixie Bonnet - Terracotta
Ribbed Pixie Bonnet - Natural 
Pointelle Baby Bonnet - Petal
Pointelle Baby Bonnet - Natural

Ribbed Baby Turban - Terracotta 
Ribbed Baby Turban - Ash Strip

Baby Socks - 4 Pack - Terracotta / Natural / Sage / Ash

Ribbed Baby Blanket - Charcoal Stripe 
Ribbed Baby Blanket - Terracotta 

You can shop the latest launch from Quincy Mae in store or online at

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