Re-Play Cups Make No Spills a Reality!

Re-Play Cups Make No Spills a Reality!

Okay so here's the deal: there are few things I hate more than soggy babies. Just picking up my little babe when she's covered in juice, or somehow overfills her diaper, or gets water from the sink all over her shirt makes me grimace. Yuck. No.

And one thing I hate more than soggy babies is the fact that cups leak and they make my babies soggy. Ew. No. Can't handle it. Plus, the fact that it happens at the most inconvenient times (like walking into the airport or going to church) is just about enough to undo me emotionally.

Okay maybe I'm being dramatic.

But maybe I just needed Re-Play No Spill Cups in my life to come to my mama rescue.

I am telling you, these things are a miracle, and make spills a thing of your old nightmares, and completely take away the risk of soggy babies by means of faulty sippy cup.

You can get them in every color under the sun, and I love that you can mix and match lids and cups without driving yourself mad searching through your cupboard looking for the right match. I do not have time for that kind of negativity. Just get a whole bunch, and then you'll have one less thing to think about. Grab a lid, a cup, insert the little no-spill-miracle-rubber-thingy, and you're golden. Like good to go to hand it over to your babe and no worries.

If your kids are anything like mine, then they make it a personal mission to get as dirty and wet as possible while they're in the car. For some unknown reason, I still seem to hand them food and drinks back there, and am always disappointed when I see they're covered in crumbs and wet spots. *sigh* Well, at least I have Re-Play cups to keep in my car that I can fill up on the go, so the wet spots are pretty much non-existent now. Can they make something to keep my kids from crumbing it up back there, too? That'd be great. Thanks.

They're super cheap, which I love because I lose everything, and they don't make me feel like I'm handing over my metaphorical check book every time I need to replace one, and I love, love, love that Re-Play makes their products from recycled plastic, because we should all be doing a little more for the turtles of the world, ya know? They also make a whole bunch of dishes and utensils, so you can deck your kids out with a bunch of color for meals!

Life can be pretty annoying sometimes, especially when you have to deal with soggy babies and Southern California traffic. But thanks to Re-Play, I have one less spill to worry about, and honestly that is such a mama win!

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