Red, White, and The Baby Cubby

BBQs, watermelon, friends and family, sparklers, parades, and fireworks. The 4th of July is the best holiday! If you're anything like me, our plans for the day have changed and been canceled multiple times over the last few weeks as we've been adapting to the crazy world we're living in right now. To say it's been a let down is quite an understatement, but regardless, there are still lots of ways we plan to celebrate our country's birthday!

It's a holiday for spending time with family and friends. To relax and take full advantage of an extra day off of work. Dressed in red, white, and blue, the children run about eating cheap parade candy and popsicles. Flags adorn our streets and home decor, and patriotic music takes over our radios. Men and women of our armed forces are given an extra special appreciation, and the overall feeling of peace and gratitude consumes the air.

Since our celebrations are going to look a little different due to various restrictions on activities and for health reasons, maybe we take the time this year to remember what this holiday is all about. It's been 244 years since the Declaration of Independence was signed, signifying America's independence from the British and the birth of The United States of America. Since that time, our country has been through many ups and downs, wars, advancements, successes, and failures. As a people, we have grown exponentially and have gone through just as many tragedies as we should, to become stronger and more united. These past few months can be thrown into that category of showing us all that together really is better!

Now, where does The Baby Cubby come in on this brief history lesson you might be wondering? Being a mere 6 years old, The Baby Cubby is a relatively young company, with the mission of helping make your life easier by providing you, your family, and home some of our favorite products through an innovative, convenient, and fun shopping experience. An opportunity made available to both of us by the freedoms and rights our country offers. I don't know about you, but I've taken for granted the many things I get to do every day, simply because I want to!

And because The Baby Cubby doesn't pass by a holiday without celebrating to the fullest, we've got the best patriot attire and picnic gear that I can't help but swoon all over! Socks for him, ties for your handsome little man, and the perfect romper for your newborn. Everything you need to make the day even greater.

With so much going on in our country and world, I love the chance we have to remember why our country is the best! The future really can be what we make it. Happy 4th of July! Hope you enjoy it!

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