Video: Riding Along with the Cybex Sirona S

Video: Riding Along with the Cybex Sirona S

Check out the first ever 360° swiveling car seat in action! The Cybex Sirona S combines innovative engineering and sleek design, making it super easy to take your baby in and out of the car.

Perhaps you've seen our more thorough overview of this convertible car seat, but now we're here to show it in action. The combination of either LATCH or seatbelt installation, plus the locking load leg for both rear- and forward-facing modes, makes this one of the safest car seats on the market. You just can't deny the convenience of a one-time installation and the rotating feature when putting your child in and taking them out of the car. Take a look to see Ellison install it and buckle her daughter in:

Honestly, we love this car seat. Cybex has put themselves one step ahead of other brands, so we're excited to be carrying their products!

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