Safer Sleep for Babes and Mamas with The Owlet

Safer Sleep for Babes and Mamas with The Owlet

One of the most stressful things for new mamas is wondering if their baby is doing alright. It can cause a ton of postpartum anxiety, and can make it hard for mamas and daddies to sleep... and parents NEED sleep. We need it.

Owlet V3 Smart Sock Baby Vitals Monitor

Owlet V2 Smart Sock Baby Vitals Monitor

So instead of worrying about whether or not your babes are breathing, if they have a fever, if they wake up, or if their heart is beating way too fast, why not get you and your little a monitor that can do it for you?

The Owlet Sock Monitor will check all your babe's vitals and sends alerts right to your phone. And when it's paired with the Owlet Cam Video Monitor, you will have all the peace of mind a parent could want when they bring home a baby.

That way your little can stay safe and you can get some sleep. SLEEP, MAMA.

Owlet Smart Sock and Cam Bundle

Owlet Smart Sock and Cam Bundle

And if you've been losing sleep over worrying over your babe, then come into The Baby Cubby to get an Owlet V3 Smart Sock for $299 and the Cam Monitor for $149!

The Owlet is going to keep track of your babe's oxygen levels and her heart rate, and will send an alert to your phone whenever levels drop below normal. The base will flash to let you know if the bluetooth connection between your phone and the sock isn't working correctly, but will sound an alarm to wake you up when baby's vitals are below normal.

If you take a look at the reviews on our site. It's unanimous across the board that mamas cannot recommend Owlet enough! It is an expensive piece of gear for your little, but so worth it when it is keeping track of your babe's health and letting you get some rest. There are also 3 socks included so that it will fit your little until 18 months, and the base on the V3 has an extended range so you don't need to worry if you and babe are sleeping on separate floors.

Owlet Cam Video Monitor

Owlet Cam Video Monitor

To up your peace of mind game, the Owlet Cam Video Monitor will work seamlessly with the sock to let you check in on your little without the risk of opening up the door to the nursery and doing the whole 'hand on the tummy trying not to make a sound while making sure the baby is alive' thing. The floor will creak, the door will close, and the baby will be wide awake... yeah, just stick to the cam, mama!

The Owlet Cam comes with wall-mounting equipment so you can set it up and away from the grabby hands of little babes, it has night vision, and also has 2-way audio so you can actually soothe your little without leaving your room. And for bigger babes, you're able to tell them to stop chewing on their crib bars... I mean, that's not just me, right?

So whether you're bringing home a babe for the first time, are transitioning your little to his nursery, are getting him into a big boy crib, or are moving into a new place where you don't share a wall with your babe's crib, the Owlet is for you! Visit The Baby Cubby in-store or online to get an Owlet V3 Smart Sock and the Cam Video Monitor on sale!

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[…] Perhaps the coolest part (and the feature that will allow you, as a parent, to get more sleep yourself) is the base station. Simply put it on your bedside, and if your baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels go outside of preset zones, the base station will glow red and sound an alarm to wake you up. When all is well, it glows green so you don’t have to worry. You can learn more about this product here. […]

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