SAHM: A Quarantine Summer Bucket List

SAHM: A Quarantine Summer Bucket List

This summer is a little different than past years, but it can still be filled of fun! Here's a few ideas to keep you and your kids entertained, despite Coronavirus.

Movies: Theaters might not be up and running, but that doesn't mean you and your littles can't enjoy a Disney classic in a fort in the living room or even catch a Pixar movie outside under the stars. Get creative and make movie watching more than just sitting on the couch.

Parks: Some parks might still be closed in your community, but if you have the chance, take your kids to play outside at a new park. Let them experience a change of scenery and get some fresh air.

Camping: With those big summer travel plans out of the question, camping is still on the table. Pack up the family and head out of town for a weekend camping trip! The great outdoors can be a great escape for not only you, but your kids.

Sports: Try new sports and games with your family! Pickleball, tennis, soccer, tumbling, a puzzle--the list goes on! Your kids might be itching to get the wiggles out and spending a few minutes a day playing a sport could really help them!

Crafts: There are an endless amount of quarantine crafts floating around the internet. Hop on Pinterest or YouTube to find inspiration for the next at-home project. Tie-dye shirts, make friendship bracelets, do sidewalk chalk, or even a fun science experiment.

Bake: Next time you're thinking of making a yummy treat, include your kids. Have them measure out and pour the ingredients. Then help them mix it all together. They'll love watching their own creation come to life and enjoy eating it even more!

Splash Pads: If you can't commit to getting the whole family to the pool just quite yet, take them to a nearby splash pad! Cool off and let your little ones run around and play! We can't promise anything, but it might make afternoon naps a little easier.

Hikes: Take a hike and enjoy nature with your family! It could even be an opportunity to teach your kids about different animals and plants.

Picnics: Take your lunch to the park and enjoy the sunshine! Or head out to the backyard for your afternoon snack. Mix things up and make a picnic out of it!

Pool: If your local pool is open and you're feeling up to it, go enjoy a day of swimming with your kids! It could be nice to feel like you're doing something you would normally do during summer.

Quarantine has put a damper on a lot of summer plans, but it can still be a good time! Get with your family and make your own summer bucket list, then go make memories!

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