SAHM: Beat the Last of the Summer Heat

SAHM: Beat the Last of the Summer Heat

Happy August, mamas! I know some of us are already getting our kid up for school in the morning, and those who aren’t are either getting ready for the first day in a few weeks, or taking advantage of the adorable dollar section deals at Target if their kids are still too little!

No matter what is filling up your days this month, most of us are dealing with the heat! August is that super annoying month where every ad is showing impeccably dressed people in sweaters and jeans, when, in reality, we are all sweating to death in our summer staples. So how are you going to take advantage of the rest of the summer while beating the end of summer heat? Here’s a little list I put together of things to do and how to make sure you and your kids have a great month before fall rolls in!

Get Out

If you live by the beach like our family, have a community pool or splash-pad, or have a sprinkler and a yard, you can get your kids outside as much as possible while they still can! They’ll need to have the right gear, so swimsuits are a must! Check out these adorable ones:
Pennie Swim Short Sleeve Swimsuit - Pink Vintage Flora
Pennie Swim Short Sleeve Swimsuit - Pink Vintage Flora 

Rylee and Cru Rolling Waves Swim Trunk - Seafoam                        

If you’re looking to stay out of the sun, but still take advantage of the fun, get over to the library for story time, head to a movie (theaters often do discounted daytime tickets during the summer months) or hit up your local discovery museum to let your little ones explore and learn all day in free AC!  Boon Snug Spout

Boon Snug Spout

Drink Up

It is pretty much the most important thing ever to make sure you stay hydrated when it’s this hot out. And I say “this hot” seeing smoke from a brush fire out my window, so you know it’s HOT, mama! The easiest way to make sure that your kids are getting enough to drink wherever you are is to get your hands on some spill-proof lids that can fit over any cup-- the Boon Snug Spout is an absolute must to keep in your bag whenever you leave the house without having to worry about a full cup spilling out. Just pop it onto a cup while you’re at the food court at the mall or a drinking fountain at the park and don’t worry about spills all day! 

Stay In

If you’re looking to stay in, but still want to stay cool without having to blast the AC all day long, you can load up the bath with some colder than normal water, some super fun toys like the Boon Pipes Bath Toys, and let your little one play away! The best part? The colder the better! You can set yourself up in there with a cold drink, a good book, and you and your littles can chill there all day!

Whether you’re already headed to school everyday, or are still soaking up the last few weeks of summer, we’re all trying to stay cool this month! Beat the heat and have fun at home or outside!

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