SAHM: Spring Cleaning and Scaling Back

SAHM: Spring Cleaning and Scaling Back

Do you ever get to that point where you just say, "No more! No! More!" Well, then we are totally on the same page because I am so ready to clean up and scale back.

I've written before that we live in a pretty small town home, and with two toddlers and a whole lot of love, I can tell you that we are FULL. And I don't know why I think we need one more throw pillow or my kids need one more toy train. Omg. No more trains, why am I like this?

And since I stay at home, it's like I am constantly being reminded that we are running out of space to actually live because we're filling it up with stuffed animals and this weird whale toy that shoots out balls and plays the most annoying little jingle of all time.

So if you're anything like me, and you're looking to spring clean and scale back, then maybe these tips will help you as much as they'll help me. And we'll overdo it on caffeine and salute Marie Kondo together!


I am absolutely the worst when it comes to thinking that we need a new dish towel or a new set of place mats or a new, new, new whatever... when in reality, we don't need it. I just think that I will finally be happy once I have a new shower curtain. Ugh. But let's be real, mamas. We probably all have a duvet that we already love, a couple of cute house plants, and a perfectly fine shower curtain. *sobbing*

So, the last thing we (I) need to do is convince myself it's a necessity. Trying to scale back on buying things to swap out perfectly good items in my home is one major way I'm cutting down on overspending this spring.

I'm also cleaning house-- if I have kitchen utensils, cups, or pyrex that have not seen the light of day in the last year, then they are getting passed along to a new home that will love and use them. Reach out on socials and see if anyone is in need of a set of mixing bowls or old dishes, and I'm sure you'll get some hits. If not, you can donate at a local donation center in your area. I've also been letting go of household items by selling them online and it's nice to have a little extra cash on hand for necessities by selling the old mirror, frames and baskets that have been taking up space in my closet. This spring it's all about getting things out of the house that aren't serving a purpose and are just taking up space. Because I literally have no space. None.


Speaking of taking up space in my closet, I've been getting reeeeeeal real with myself, and doing my best to clean out my closet of things that I simply do not (and have not) been able to wear since gaining baby weight and changing body shape since having babes. I know, it's a hard truth, and I am with all my mamas who want to hold on to a couple of staples that you hope to fit back into soon or one day, but for me, getting rid of certain pieces that I'm pretty sure aren't going to be in style in a few months or a year or whatever is a lot better for me mentally than hanging on to it all and reminding myself that I'm not that size anymore. I'm selling some of it, donating a lot of it, and remembering that my body is more than the size it was when I was 22.

I'm also scaling back on buying things that I truly don't need. Considering the fact that I wear leggings pretty much every day, getting a new pair of jeans every time I go shopping is kind of silly. I'm also such a sucker for a good deal, ESPECIALLY when it comes to kids' clothes. Oh man, my kids have so many swim suits it is unreal. I swear it's like I go through their drawers every other week and think, "Why did I think you needed this or that or anything?" The amount of laundry speaks for itself! So this spring, I'm going to be keeping in mind what I (and the littles and my husband) actually need and what could use replacing, and doing my best to spend thoughtfully.


Okay this one is huge, because it is so tempting to get our littles the toy they've had their eye on or the toy that they've been talking about, or that we've seen at the store and think "Oh, they would love that," but remembering you have no where in your house to store it considering you're busting at the seams with toys. Try sitting down with your littles and finding out what toys they might be okay with letting go and getting rid of. It's a good lesson and they might love the idea of giving their toys to someone who would get a lot of life out of them. If your kid is anything like mine, and might die if you mention getting rid of any of their stuff, then try this! I started a box of toys that I haven't seen the kids play with for a couple of months, and if they don't ask for it or miss it after a month, then it gets donated. It keeps things from getting cluttered and shows your kids that they can play with the things they love, and not with ALL the things.

I'm also doing my best to only purchase toys for birthdays and Christmas. So scaling back is going to look like not buying a bunch of things for the Easter baskets or when the grandparents come to town. Keeping things simple and making sure we spend time enjoying the things that we already have will be what we're focusing on this springtime.

For the record, I'm not saying you should start throwing your littles' legos out (I mean, no judgments if you do), but maybe it's time to go on a little no buy-- get an idea of what you and your babes have, don't need, and where you can better spend your time and money. Let's make this spring all about scaling back on things and enjoying what we have!

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