Salt Water Sandals 20% OFF Flash Sale!

Salt Water Sandals 20% OFF Flash Sale!



You guys! Spring is finally here and summer is right around the corner. The sun is out, the snow is melting, the snow boots are packed up until next year. It’s time to break out the sandals and swimsuits!! Yay!  

I bought my first pair of Saltwater Sandals for my daughter about three years ago and I have never looked back! They are the perfect summer sandals!

First of all, they are the only shoes you will need! They effortlessly move from casual to dressy. From the pool to the beach to the backyard to a party to church. They are sturdy, comfortable, versatile, and CUTE! Plus they come in so many cute colors! Saltwaters are gender neutral and perfect at any age!  

They are high quality. These sandals stay on the feet of even the most determined and active toddler (maybe the best part!) They are made from a durable leather that has been sealed so that they are also waterproof ! Saltwaters are super easy to clean/wipe down and are even machine washable! My kids’ Saltwaters hold up so well that they still look practically brand new at the end of the season even after wearing them nearly every single day!

Hoy Shoe Original Salt Water Toddler Sandals - Tan

Because the buckles are rust-resistant and the leather is waterproof, these are perfect for a summer at the splash pad, beach, and pool. Plus, since they are leather the kids don’t get sweaty feet and blisters. They mold to the feet and stay comfortable for any adventure. Grab yourself and your little ones a pair of these classic sandals while they are on sale! You really can’t go wrong and you definitely won’t regret it. They are my favorite.

Written by Micalena Perkins

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