Salt Water Sandals are the Spring and Summer Staple!

Salt Water Sandals are the Spring and Summer Staple!

There is nothing cuter than seeing little kids rocking their stuff at the beach. The only thing that even comes close is watching them rock their stuff at the beach with their Salt Water Sandals on. So stinking cute!

There is something about finding absolutely adorable shoes like the classic Salt Water Sandals and not having to stress ONE BIT about keeping them clean or keeping them dry or keeping them on your kids' feet. These sandals are absolutely going to be your go-to this spring and summer!

Salt Water makes their sandals to last, and actually fit your littles' feet better the longer they wear them. They're made with real leather that looks amazing, but will stand up to sand, sun, springtime grass, and the surf! We love a versatile shoe!

I love that these sandals can be totally gender neutral and are just as cute for our little boys as they are for our little girls. But you can totally dress them up with an adorable spring dress for your little girls and they become the perfect accessory!

These leather sandals aren't meant to be kept clean--you can get them wet and the buckle's won't rust, and the leather won't crack. And did you know you can also throw them in the washing machine if they get super duper dirty thanks to all those April showers?! Name another leather shoe you feel okay throwing in the laundry... I'll wait...

At the Baby Cubby, we live for a mama-mini moment, so we also stock our fave colors in adult sizes to make sure that you and your little can match during all the beautiful weather months. Mother/daughter pedicures anyone?!

If you have littles who still need a little extra sole support, Salt Water makes the Sun-San Surfer Sandals which are the perfect blend of sole support and Salt-Water-Sandal style. Plus, who doesn't love a little platform--especially on my daughter's little Fred Flintstone feet?! Adorable.

You can get the Salt Water Sandals in a bunch of adorable colors that are perfect to mix and match with any outfit and match perfectly with any and all swimsuits! Come into our store and try some on your babe's feet! Then make sure you pick up a pair because you will be LIVING in these from here on out! XO

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