Saranoni: Simply Comfortable Blankets

Saranoni: Simply Comfortable Blankets

One of my besties just had a baby, so naturally I purchased all the goodies for her and baby boy! Gifting is my love language, okay mamas?! And a week or so after baby boy showed up, I get a text asking, "What brand is that swaddle you gave me, it is the BEST!" Well, after patting myself on the back, I told her it was a Bamboo Muslin Swaddle from Saranoni, and she's right, they are the best.

Saranoni makes blankets, and they make them right. I mean any company that prides itself on bringing warmth, comfort, and connection through their blankets is a straight-up winner in my book, but throw in the fact that they're making blankets in every size and in the comfiest materials, and you've got a magical thing happening.

Whether you're looking for swaddles like my bestie, or you just want to have a massive cozy cuddling blanket, Saranoni is going to have something for you, mama!

Here are a few of my faves that we carry at The Baby Cubby, and I promise once you get your hands on these, you'll understand why Saranoni considers their blankets as luxury!

Bamboo Muslin Swaddle

This was the one I got for my friend, and it's such a great swaddle because it's not too thick and not too thin, and that makes it the perfect swaddle for daytime or sleeping. They're also not going to give you that annoying stiff material that is hard to stretch to get your babe perfectly rolled into a burrito. The muslin swaddles come in patterns that are honestly just too cute, and I love that they make them big enough to be used to cover up the car seat, lay down at the park for tummy time, or cover up while you're nursing.

Lush/Satin Back Mini Blanket

If there is something cuter than my little girl walking around with a blankie in her arms and sippy cup perched at the side of her mouth, I haven't seen it yet. And seriously, the Mini Blankets by Saranoni are the perfect size if you have a babe who's attached to their comfy. I can't stand the idea of a blanket my child rubs on her face dragging across my nasty floors, and thankfully the mini is small enough for you to throw in your diaper bag (or in your little's back pack) when you're headed out, and big enough to give them the cozy comfy feels when they need them. Plus, they are seriously so, so soft.

Bamboo Muslin Quilt

If you grew up in a house like mine with a mama who loved to sew (and was actually good at it), then you probably have a few handmade quilts that you always pulled out of the cabinet for movie night. And Saranoni has totally captured that feel of the old school, perfectly light and comfy quilt with their Bamboo Muslin Quilt. You can get them small for your little's beds, or get a big one for you to use while you watch new episodes of The Great British Bake Off. I also love the idea of taking one of these to the park and setting up in the shade with the littles. So sweet and simple and perfect.

XL Home Throw

Okay, the Saranoni XL Throw is an absolute must if you've got a cuddly side. These blankets are next level, mama. Luxury is the perfect word for them. You not only get the comfort of knowing you are covered head to toe thanks to the massive size, but the fabric is dreamy, and I have to try not to fall asleep just thinking about it. It's going to be one of those blankets that you and your husband fight over when you're sitting on the couch, but thankfully it's big enough to share, mama!

So if you need a little comfort in your life and need another blanket to make your life cozier, I am here to tell you that Saranoni is making blankets that are worth investing in mama! Come visit The Baby Cubby store to see how soft they are, or purchase online. You will love cuddling up with them and your littles will love snuggling with them!

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