Saving Sensitive Skin with Wink Naturals

Saving Sensitive Skin with Wink Naturals

It happened again, mamas. I used my body wash in the kids' bath this weekend and my little girl woke up with a super owie rash. WHY do I think I can get away with using any old body wash in the house for my littles?!

If your little babe is anything like mine and has super sensitive skin, then you know all about the battle to find the right products that won't irritate them. I've decided no more messing around, and I'm sticking to Wink Naturals Foaming Oil Bath Wash from now on. And buying back-ups.

Here's the deal, Wink Naturals isn't trying to cover up anything when it comes to their products. They're all safe, effective, and natural. I love that they're designed without chemicals or artificial fragrances, because that means that I won't need to scan the ingredient list for anything that might cause my littles to have a reaction.

The Foaming Oil Bath Wash is also awesome to use as a hand soap, or even to clean things like Mama's makeup brushes. It's a super unique formula, and a little goes a long way, so you don't need to sit there pumping away to get enough to clean off your babe. Since the ingredients are all natural, it also won't leave your little's skin dry, or covered in a layer of fragrance or oil--just clean babes. For about 12 hours, at least.

If your littles are totally in a bubble bath phase like mine, then this will do the trick! Do a few pumps of the Bath Wash in the tub while the water's running and you'll be good to go. Otherwise, put a bottle in the shower for your big kids to use with a loofa or a washcloth-- 1-2 pumps should be plenty!

Wink uses essential oils to add a calming and cleaning scent to the Bath Wash, and the lavender scent always helps to get my kids settled down before bedtime (when we normally do our baths).

Whether you're trying to make the switch to all natural products in the home, or if you're like me and trying to avoid irritating your kids' sensitive skin, Wink Naturals Foaming Oil Bath Wash is a great alternative to all the hand/body washes!

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