Say Hello to the New Nuna TRIV Next Stroller

Say Hello to the New Nuna TRIV Next Stroller

Have you been searching for a stroller while prepping for your baby's arrival and can’t decide which one to get? Or have you been wanting to make an upgrade because you're not in love with yours anymore? Maybe it's been through the ringer and needs to be replaced? There are a variety of strollers out there, and it can be a little overwhelming to figure out which one is the best for you. Is it lightweight, easy to use, or easy to clean? What if I told you there is a new, must-have stroller at The Baby Cubby that has all the bells and whistles? Let me introduce you to the Nuna TRIV Next stroller.

nuna triv next stroller

The Nuna TRIV Next stroller comes in two colors: Caviar and Hazelwood. Both of these colors show off the luxury of the stroller all for an amazing price! This is the perfect everyday stroller! With its removable lightweight insert and is lightly textured with Merino wool and Tencel, it's great for travel and for when you're out and about. If you're going to spend a lot of time outdoors, these foam-filled rubber tires are perfectly suited for any type of terrain!

nuna TRIV next stroller

Ever factored in weather? Nuna's TRIV Next is water repellent and has a UPF 50+ canopy which extends that features a flip-out eye shade and window that will give your little one all the protection they need from sun. The Nuna TRIV Next works for all the seasons since the seat fabric can keep them cozy during winter and easily changed out to mesh to keep them cool in the summer. 

seasons with Nuna TRIV next stroller

Thanks to its reversible seat, your child can face either forward or backward, and you can easily fold it both ways as well. In case you're juggling multiple kids or have your hands full, another amazing thing about this stroller is that when folded, it will stand up on its own! One less task to not worry about! You can also recline it with just one hand to three different positions. It also has a sleek look with wider wheel base, modern frame  and round handle design.

Other Features We Love:

  • One touch braking system
  • Oversized shopping basket
  • Easy transition from 5 point harness to a 3 point harness
  • MagneTech magnetic buckle design
  • Zip-off canopy
  • Attach any Nuna PIPA series car seat to create a travel system (ring adapter folds WITH the stroller!)

Nuna Triv Next Stroller

Nuna TRIV next stroller

Nuna TRIV next stroller

This is the stroller for the everyday modern parent. No need to stress about which stroller will work for your little one--this stroller will grow with your kid as well! Go ahead and check "finding stroller" off your list because the new Nuna TRIV Next has arrived! 

See the Nuna TRIV in action here!

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