Second Child on the Way? Get Ready for a Sprinkle!

Second Child on the Way? Get Ready for a Sprinkle!

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No mamas, we're not talking cupcakes. For those of you who had a similar first reaction to the title of this post, you're not alone! When we talk about a sprinkle we're actually referring to a party for a pregnant mama's second (or third, fourth, or eighth) baby. Some pregnant moms think it's overkill to continue to have a party for subsequent pregnancies, but we disagree! Similar to a baby shower, a sprinkle is usually a little less high maintenance and definitely meant to be low-key. However you choose to celebrate the arrival of the new baby, we think a sprinkle gives an adorable new word to the ongoing celebration of the mama-to-be-AGAIN!

If we had it our way, we'd make sure everyone of our hot mamas had a sprinkle! You may decide to throw one if you've already had a boy, and now you're expecting a girl, so you're in need of some different gender items. Or maybe this time around, knowing how things go in the first few months, you ask your guests for the essentials (diapers, nipple cream, Ben & Jerry's), or you could even have a gift theme like books to add to the babies' library!

Compared to a baby shower, the sprinkle is supposed to be more of a get-together, and should have a relaxed, fun vibe. Here are some Do's and Don'ts to follow for the perfect sprinkle!

1. Don't stress too hard over a perfect theme and decorations.

2. Do send out a cute invite with registry info of gifts you think you would really need once baby arrives.

3. Don't invite everyone you've ever met.

4. Do make the guest list a little more intimate.

5. Don't worry about having teeny tiny adorable foods to share with your guests.

6. Do make your sprinkle a potluck, and have all your girls bring their favorite snack to share.

Long story short: Make your sprinkle a laid back celebration of your adorable new arrival, and your pregnancy. If for nothing else, the sprinkle will be a great way to show your baby that you celebrated their delivery before they were born, and to let your bestie sprinkle you with love!

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