September's National Days!

September's National Days!

Did you know that there are SO MANY National Days? And a whole bunch of them are parent/child related! If you’re curious as to what September has in store, here is a breakdown of what’s to come this month!

National Days

September 6: National Read a Book Day

September 6: National Lazy Mom’s Day

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I kind of wish these two national days didn’t happen to fall on the exact same day. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to read and am not opposed to reading a book for my lazy mom’s day, but the fact that they fall on the same day means I can’t have TWO lazy mom days… ha! On this day, find time to read some books with your kiddos, pull out a new (or favorite) novel, and don’t worry about a single thing on your to-do list!

September 8 (or Sunday after Labor Day): National Grandparent’s Day

Celebrate your grandparents today! Turn the tables and spoil them for a change! Write notes, send gifts, VISIT, or simply reminisce about what they mean to you and your family. You’ll want to visit our Instagram stories during this time to get some fun ideas for Grandparent’s Day during our Grandparent’s Day Feature!

September 9: National Teddy Bear Day

Grey Putty Bear

This seems like the perfect day to pull out all of the teddy bears in your house and have a teddy party! And if you find that you’re lacking in the teddy bear department, well, The Baby Cubby can DEFINITELY help you out with that.

September 11: National Make Your Bed Day

Are you team “make your bed every day” or team “make you bed on special occasions”? Well, if the second option is you, then today is a great occasion to make your bed! AND to get your child to make his/her bed as well!

September 13: National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

Preschool Bapron 

Such a fun idea! Involve your kids in the kitchen today and let them do more than the average pour-in-the-sugar jobs. This is a great day to pull out the crafty snacks or let them pick every meal. And if they’re taking over the kitchen, then that means they get to help with dishes too!

September 16: National Play Doh Day

September 16: National Working Parents Day

Pull out the Play-Doh and all of the accessories because what kid doesn’t LOVE Play-Doh?? And while you’re at it--celebrate the crap out of your husband (and yourself if you’re a working mom) because parenting is quite the task, and to add a job on top of it... well, that’s pretty dang cool if you think about it. Nice work, parents. 

September 20: National Pepperoni Pizza Day

Swaddling Blanket - Zebra Pizza

Don’t worry about cooking this day, just order a pizza! And this is the perfect day to sport all of your pizza paraphernalia!

September 22: National Ice Cream Cone Day

Hopefully it’s not too chilly at this point to enjoy an ice cream cone in the sunshine! Does it get much better than that?



September 28: National Save Your Photos Day

Now here’s something useful. Take some time out of this day to backup your photos to your computer, cloud, hard drive, etc. You will definitely be glad you did and while you’re at it, a little organization is never a bad idea!  

National Month

It’s Baby Safety Month! Take some time to read up on SIDS, babyproofing, tips from the AAP, and do a little bit of self-evaluation. The safety of our babies should be our number one priority as parents, and this is a good reminder!

It’s National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! Consider how you can help with the awareness of these heartbreaking illnesses. Monetary donations to charities or hospitals are ALWAYS an option, but perhaps this month you can go the extra mile and not only donate money but see if there are any local needs, such as blankets, stuffed animals, pillows, or other necessities.

It’s National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month! In this day and age, raising awareness for childhood obesity is very important! Plan a family or neighborhood fun run or obstacle course, make a healthy meal calendar, or look into how you can more widely spread awareness for this cause this month.

National Weeks

September 1-7: National Childhood Injury Prevention Week

Any guesses as to how many reported childhood injuries happen every single day in the US? 56,000! 8,000 emergency room visits happen each day due to falls alone happening to children. No wonder there is a national week for this! Childproofing, teaching, supervising, and safety precautions should be a priority this week. Focus on a few areas of your house that could use a little more child-friendliness. And it’s a good idea to sit your children down and remind them of some of the dangers they should be aware of or avoid. Of course accidents are going to happen: this is real life we’re talking about. But there are definitely some things that can be put in place to help keep those kiddos safe!

Third full week: Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week

If you’ve been around here for awhile, you know how passionate we are about car seat safety! Our CPS (child passenger safety) Techs are available to answer ANY questions and often do so in our stories on Instagram. If you have a question regarding your child’s car seat, do not hesitate to ask! Even the simplest mistakes can be fatal--yes that’s harsh and scary, but it’s true! Educate yourself on how to keep your children safe in the car!

There you have it: September in a nutshell! Have fun with these and follow us on Instagram as we highlight a few of our favorite parent-related National Days!

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