Sick-Day Essentials

Sick-Day Essentials

Ugh, winter.

I mean, yes, winter brings holiday magic and incredibly stunning scenery. But you know what else winter brings? Snotty noses. Coughs. Really icky, gunky sickness.

Take a look at some of our favorite products when it comes to tackling the winter sickness woes.

Nasal Aspirator

Both of my littles have had nasty colds for the past two weeks. I kid you not when I say the Nasal Aspirator from FridaBaby has been our most used gadget. It isn't a glamorous job, but it's so necessary to help clear out tiny little nostrils. Not once have I been worried about baby boogies getting anywhere near my mouth. The "snotsucker" is totally hygienic and you totally need it in your cold-season toolbox.

Pure Sleep and Breathe Chest Rub

Some good ol' chest rub is one of my favorite things to use on my babes when they need some relief. Except this isn't your mama's good ol' chest rub. Free from menthol, petroleum, and parabens, the Pure Sleep and Breathe Chest Rub from Wink Naturals soothes and calms with safely diluted amounts of eucalyptus radiata and sweet lavender. Perfect for babies two months and older, and even for the whole fam!

FeverFrida Thermomonitor Sensor

If your little one has ever been sick, you know it can be a daunting task to get them to sleep. The biggest selling point for the Fever Frida is that you won't have to wake a cranky, sick, sleep-deprived baby to take their temperature. It comes with adhesive patches that allow you to place the monitor directly on your baby's underarm. The FeverFrida from FridaBaby will check in on your baby every four seconds. It alerts you via Bluetooth and an app if baby's temperature goes above a predetermined threshold so you have 24/7 peace of mind. The app will also keep a record of baby's temperature readings should you need to reference them for pediatric visits.

FeverFrida Thermomonitor Sensor
FeverFrida Thermomonitor Sensor

Hand Sanitizer

Of course, the best way to not get sick is prevention. Wash those hands often and keep this Hand Sanitizer from Baby Bum pun intended. It's possible that this is the most delicious smelling sanitizer that has ever passed through my nostrils. And bonus: it's derived from plants and actually hydrates the skin, unlike other harsh sanitizers on the market. The spray bottle packaging is pure genius and perfect for tossing into your diaper bag.

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