Video: Silver Cross 2019 Jet Stroller—Made for Jet Setters

Video: Silver Cross 2019 Jet Stroller—Made for Jet Setters

Want to travel the world, but want to take baby along? Silver Cross' 2019 Jet is the travel stroller for you!

At just 13 lbs, the 2019 Jet is a traveling parent's dream. It epitomizes ease and has lightweight features but doesn't sacrifice the luxury of this esteemed British brand. With black leather handlebars and high quality, cushioned seat fabrics, this stroller is comfortable for both you and your child. Considering its weight and size, the storage basket underneath is also generous enough to store a few items while you're out sightseeing!

My favorite part of the Jet is the super compact fold. It essentially accordion folds into 3 sandwiched sections and stands upright on its wheels, with the belly bar acting as a carry-on handle. All you need to fit it into the overhead bin on your plane is the included travel cover to protect it. From there, just pop off the belly bar and tuck it in the front sleeve while its stored away. Did we mention that you can use this stroller from birth and throughout toddlerhood? Yeah, it's that good.

On your next family trip, don't forget to take your Jet with you!

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Silver Cross 2019 Jet Stroller: Made for Jet Setters - Peek Jar News

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