Skip Hop Zoo Packs Get Your Littles Excited for School!

Skip Hop Zoo Packs Get Your Littles Excited for School!

We know that some of our mamas are saying goodbye to summertime, and school is starting in just a couple of weeks. The rest of us have another couple of weeks to put off all of our frantic back-to-school shopping. But if your little's first day is right around the corner, then let Skip Hop help them get excited with their adorable Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpacks!

Skip Hop Zoo Packs are the cutest way to let your littles choose a fun friend to join them on their first day! They're just the right size so that your big kids aren't carrying around a ton of extra bulk, but have enough space for all the beautiful work they'll bring home every day! And I do mean every. day. I mean so. many. drawings.

Each Zoo Pack has it's own personality and the sweet little details like the fur on the Llama or the squishy little Pig nose make these backpacks fun for your littles while still being functional!

The straps on the Zoo Packs are wide and super comfortable for your kid's shoulders, and they have a drink pouch and zipper pouch on the outside for easy-to-grab snacks while they're in the classroom! So whether your babes are obsessed with the magical Unicorn or falls for the cute red Fox, they'll be able to carry around their little pal whenever they head out the door.

The bright colors and fun designs of each Skip Hop Zoo Pack make them way more exciting for your kids to grab and get out the door in the morning. With summer ending, and school around the corner, let Skip Hop help by making a super fun and adorable backpack that any little kid will love wearing to school!

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