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Slumberkins: Littles Have Big Emotions

There is no way I was the only little kid who worried (what seemed like) an extra amount. I had this irrational fear that my parents would forget about me when I was at preschool -- really up until first grade. I would get terribly homesick. My mom printed a little picture of my family and cut it into a heart so I always had them with me. 

I went to an elementary school out of my neighborhood boundaries. Sometimes I felt left out because I wasn’t in the “know” of the neighborhood. Our siblings hadn’t grown up together, I wasn’t a part of their community church or their community soccer teams, and I wasn’t right around the corner to have a playdate with. I felt like a misfit. Not only was I sad and worried about not fitting in or being homesick, but I felt like I was the only one. Did anyone else feel this way or was I just weird? How did everyone else seem so fine?

Little kids have big feelings. That’s why Slumberkins are my favorite. The creators of Slumberkins are no strangers to the big feelings we all encounter and how to cope with them. They acutely realize that some of those feelings are especially hard to understand at young ages. That is where their books come in.  

Slumberkins Board Book Unicorn

They have a wide range of books educating kids on topics ranging from managing anger to coping with the loss of a loved one. Not only do they have informative and darling books, but they also have sweet, cuddly stuffed animals that go along with the story. It is a great tactic that they use, because now whenever your child sees a Narwhal they can be reminded that problems don’t have to be solved on their own -- they can ask for help. Slumberkins also come with a beautiful affirmation card to help instill valuable coping skills in your children. 

I know if I had had these books as a little girl I would have felt less alone in my worries.

Slumber Sloth Snuggler - Hazel / Sand

Otter would have taught me that our loved ones are always connected to us whether we are near or far.

Slumberkins Otter

BigFoot would have taught me that I am unique and that I should be confident in myself.

Slumberkins Bigfoot Snuggler - Maple / Brown

If I had had Slumberkins early enough maybe some of my worries wouldn’t have even happened because I was proactively taught about them and how to manage them. Giving our little ones the tools they need to handle big feelings is so important, and Slumberkins is here to help.

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