Small Canvas Art Boxes - The Perfect Addition to Any Nursery

Small Canvas Art Boxes - The Perfect Addition to Any Nursery

When it comes to preparing for baby there is an endless list of essentials. But once you've gotten the necessities covered, you realize you've got an entire room for them filled with random excitment and mismatched staples. Every nursery needs some personality, preferably with some pieces as bright and sweet as your little one. That's where Oopsy Daisy beautiful canvas pieces comes in. Oopsy Daisy art prides itself on pieces that inspire creativity, individuality and growth. With canvas art available in a variety of designs, you can be sure to find a perfect addition to your child's nursery.

Oopsy Daisy Mini Framed Canvas has introduced some adorable new designs for Spring that we are going CRAZY for. Whether you have a girl, a boy, or both you're going to want to get your hands on these framed canvas pieces.

Let It Shine Canvas Art (6x6) Talk about a pop of color! This beautiful, graphic print is a perfect way to inspire your little one to have a good day every day!

"Let it Shine" art box wallhanging decor

All Good Things are Wild and Free Canvas Art (5x7) This Thoreau quote is adorable with its neutral colors and simple nature accents.

"all things are wild and free" wall hanging
With the fun addition of blue and yellow in this neutral piece, you can make this quote a perfect feature piece.


Be a Light to the World Oopsy Daisy Canvas Art (5x7) Inspire your little one to shine their brightest and be their best self with this bold print. The adorable font and blue, gold and black colors are perfect for any age!

"be a light to the world" wall hanging
With the dark background and colorful text, this piece could be a great addition to a neutral color themed nursery. 

Let's Go Canvas Art (6x6) Something every mom says a thousand times during her day now has a new look and we are loving it! Such a beautiful mix of art and typography to add a subtle hint of relaxation to the nursery.

"Let's Go" wall hanging
With an opaque, neutral beach scene this print is perfect for a nursery with pastel colors. Pair with taupe, aqua, cream and gray for an adorable nursery theme. 

Be Brave (5x7) The twin of the Let's Go 6x6, this neutral color palette with a hint of gray-blue can be a staple piece to your child's nursery.

"be brave" wall hanging
What we want for all our little ones. This beautiful neutral painting with a subtle hint of blue and green would be a great addition to a relaxing nursery. 

Let's Sleep Under the Stars Oopsy Daisy Print (5x7) Yes please! Giving our little ones a touch of the outdoors with this campfire scene is just too cute for any room.

"lets sleep under the stars"
The adorable camping theme is making a huge statement this year. This print would be perfect for a woodsy themed nursery to inspire baby's rustic side. 

Baby Hedgehog Canvas Art Print (5x7) Animals prints are making a huge statement in room decor! Is there anything more adorable than tiny animals? Okay, maybe your baby! But small woodland creatures definitely take second place.

Baby hedgehog wall hanging
The bold white background help this piece fit in any space. The standard picture size would make it so easy to mix-and-match a few of your favorite prints for a fun gallery wall. 

Baby Fox Small Art Print (6x6) This gorgeous teal is perfect for your little boy or girl, and this mischievous little fox adds some personality to the room.

baby fox wall hanging
This print features a lot of negative space, which would make it really easy to fit into a smaller color scheme. The little fox would be a fun theme for a room! 

Lion Cub Oopsy Daisy Art Print (5x7) Wild animals can be any child's favorite, and by adding them into their room you can inspire more creativity and exploration for your little one!

lion cub wall hanging
Bring out the best in your little adventurer by adding this adorable lion cub print. Thanks to the white background and simple frame, this can fit well in any room. 

Goat Art Print (6x6) Let's learn our animal sounds, and have fun on the farm with this cute goat print! Not usually an animal that you would think to add this piece has us changing our minds.

Goat image wall hanging
How cute is this goat? We're having a hard time getting over it. Add into an adorable rustic theme nursery and this will be your favorite feature! 

Fox Pup Canvas Print (5x7) Another piece with a white background, it's clear that foxes should be playing a bigger role in our designs for the nursery!

fox pup picture wall hanging
With his warm brown tones, and deep brown eyes this would be a perfect piece for a neutral themed room. 

Miss Deer Oopsy Daisy Art Print (6x6) This deer portrait adds a little more character, by adding a beautiful mix of Spring colors that are making us go crazy for this piece.

colorful doe print wall hanging
Such a beautiful mix of spring colors in pink, purple, blue and peach, this deer painting would pair perfectly with a floral themed room. 

Bison With Grass Art Print (5x7) This beautiful teal shows up again with an abstract painting of an adorable bison enjoying his lunch. Let's all get behind this wild animal theme, and let our little ones explore!

bison with grass art wall hanging
This guy is just such a statement piece. It's bold and adorable just like your little one! 

Fawn Portrait Canvas Art (5x7) This little number is another perfect woodland creature to add to baby's room. With the neutral tones it can be added to any theme or color scheme!

fawn portrait canvas art wall hanging
Simple and understated, yet adorable! This painting will add a touch of sweet to any room!

Frosted Buck and Baby Small Canvas (6x6) With the gray background, this is the cutest print of daddy and baby we have ever seen!

frosted buck and baby small canvas wall hanging
With those gorgeous white antlers, and rosy cheeks this painting is too cute not to add to your baby's room. 

Rainbow Lion Art Print (5x7) Take a different spin on the animal print theme with this colorful, modern lion print.

rainbow lion art print wall hanging
This print would fit perfectly into a nursery with an artistic, eclectic mix of fabrics and colors.

Rainbow Bear (5x7)  This bold bear is another piece that fits right in with the Spring color theme. It is graphic and would transition easily between decors as little one grows.

rainbow bear wall hanging
Such a cute animal print for a bold, bright room! Mix-and-match with some cute neutral decor.

Painted Pineapple Small Art Print (5x7) This adorably fruity print would make a colorful splash in your baby's room. The tropical vibe to this painting is so fun, and definitely sends welcoming feelings our way!

painted pineapple small art print wall hanging
Bright, pink, blue, yellow and green definitely make this little number stand out in a room! 

Navy Florals Canvas Art (6x6) Florals and Springtime go hand-in-hand, and this beautiful painting is no different. Big blossoms fill a navy background that make us all itching for a garden party!

navy floral canvas art wall hanging
Such lovely colors to work with, by mixing and matching the dark navy and the bright blooms, your nursery is sure to impress! 

Blue Florals Art Print (6x6) An almost identical piece to the Navy Florals (6x6) this painting also features some of our favorite things about Spring: The colors and the flowers.

Blue florals art print
Bloom baby! Such beautiful pinks, yellows and greens blossom in this piece. The grayish-blue background allows you to make this painting the feature of the space without being overwhelmed with color. 

Give baby's nursery a facelift and some much needed character this Spring by adding some Oopsy Daisy canvas prints, and your little one's room can be a place they will love to grow in to, and you will love to go in to!

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