Snuggle Them Close with Ollie World!

Snuggle Them Close with Ollie World!

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We’ve recently included Ollie World Swaddle Blankets into our inventory and we can’t wait to tell you more about them! The designer of the Ollie Swaddle created these with a knowledge of infant mental health and a lot of love for one small child named Oliver. I strongly encourage you to read more about her story and watch her sweet video by clicking here.

Ollie World Swaddle Blanket

This swaddle has so many well thought-out features that are capable of helping your baby feel comfortable and sleep soundly. The polyester/spandex combination allows these to stretch and give baby some wiggle room while remaining comfortable from shoulders to toes! The fabric also has a moisture-wicking finish to keep baby from overheating.

To swaddle your baby:

Place him or her in the center of the blanket, wrap and secure both sides with the sturdy Velcro, and tie off the bottom to keep little piggies warm! There are a few things to be said about the Velcro: it is a strong Velcro that actually holds the fabric in place. This swaddle comes with a special laundry bag to put the blanket in to prevent the Velcro from sticking to everything else in the wash! It also comes with a tie for the bottom, but many parents simply tie the fabric into a knot. So cute!

The four colors we have are:

Nest. The perfect neutral color to go with any type or style of nursery. We love this soft brown!


Ollie World Swaddle Blanket - Nes



Sky. Just a hint of light blue for masculinity but soft enough for sweet young babes. 

Ollie World Swaddle Blanket - Sky  

Lavender. This subtle purple is beautiful and perfect for your little miss.


Ollie World Swaddle Blanket - Lavender

Stone. You simply can’t go wrong with grey. Especially when it comes to swaddles! Great for either gender and all nursery types. 

Ollie World Swaddle Blanket - Stone                

We're confident you'll love these adorable swaddles as much as we do!


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[…] There are loads of wonderful options when it comes to swaddle blankets, but a new favorite of ours is the Ollie World Swaddle Blanket. This is a special type of blanket, It is made especially for swaddling and includes Velcro strips for a secure fit and a strong hold. Made with a soft moisture-wicking fabric, these are designed to help keep baby at a safe sleeping temperature. Simply place him or her in the center of the blanket, wrap and secure both sides with the sturdy Velcro, and tie off the bottom to keep those little piggies warm! To read more about this amazing swaddle, visit this recent blog post: Snuggle Them Close with Ollie World. […]

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