Solly Wrap Saves the Day

Solly Wrap Saves the Day

During my 13 years of being a mom, I have come across so many parenting products. There are products that I've loved, others I've had no use for, those ones I used once or twice then tossed, and the products I would purchase again in a heartbeat. I've also come across many more that I totally wish would have been around when I first started this mom gig.

One of those awesome products is the Solly Baby Wrap. My baby--my little curly-haired boy--is coming up on his 5th birthday. This thought brings me so many mixed emotions! Time is a thief, I tell ya. Anyway, when he was born, my sweet little sister lent me her Solly Wrap. This is the same sister who also gives out the best book recommendations, is the biggest Taylor Swift and Harry Potter fan, and is pretty much the favorite aunt. Needless to say, when she offers up something she loves, I know it's going to become an instant favorite!

Now let me back up. This baby boy of mine came when my oldest child was just 8, and my younger ones were 6, 4, and 2. It was a chaotic time in our lives! We were landscaping our yard, running those little kids all over the place, and trying to adjust to a full house, a full car, and a full kitchen table of kiddos, in addition to a new baby. I could not have been more grateful for the ability to carry that sweet baby right next to me, hands-free.

The 5.5-foot long wrap can seem a little intimidating at first, but once I caught the hang of it, I wore my little baby for the first six months of his life. Being that he was the youngest of five, I had used multiple baby carriers in the past with the other kids, but the Solly offered so much more than all the others combined. It quickly made it to the top of my "must-have" list for new mamas! The convenience, the bonding, the comfort, the ability to snuggle up close with my newborn are just a few of the many reasons I love the Solly! It came with me to soccer games, football stadiums, walks around the neighborhood, and of course from room to room doing laundry and all my other motherly duties.

If you're looking for that one thing you just can't live without when your baby comes, or even a gift for a friend or family member, look no further than the Solly Wrap. I guarantee it will be a favorite!

me and my baby
Me and my sweet baby boy


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