Solve All Your Teething Problems With Amber Teething Necklaces!

Solve All Your Teething Problems With Amber Teething Necklaces!

You've probably heard all the hype surrounding amber teething necklaces.  Crunchy moms (There's not anything wrong with being a li'l crunchy!) love that you can save your kid from teething pain without medication in a totally noninvasive way! But 1st- What are Amber Teething Necklaces? 2nd- How do they work? And 3rd- Do they actually help?

Answer to question 1:  Yes, they really are made out of amber, hence the name.  That yellow stuff  with fossilized bugs or scorpions in it? Same stuff.  Not that your child's necklace has a scorpion in it, but these necklaces are also made from fossilized tree sap.

Question 2:  Amber contains something called succinic acid.  When worn against the skin, the body's temperature warms the amber and releases the succinic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties.  The succinic acid reduces the inflammation and swelling of the gums and *viola!*  The pain is relieved.  (So no, this isn't a chew necklace.)

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Question 3:  Personally - I have no children (yet) and haven't tried it, but I will try it!  Cuz hey, they're like 20 bucks and why the heck not?!  But some people SWEAR by it.  Some people believe that it's a total miracle worker.  Some people that have tried it think it's a bunch of hocus pocus.  I personally believe that it's a compatibility thing.  I know that essential oils (I'm a total oil believer) have a stronger affect for some people than others.  And this is pretty much the same thing!  It's the amber oil that does the healing, so why should this be any different?  So maybe (hopefully) it will work for your child.  I really think it's worth a shot.

As I was poking around the internet I found that there have been a ton of claims about how dangerous these necklaces can be.  I read a story about a little girl that caught her arm in her amber necklace while she was sleeping and twisted it so tight that when her mom came to get her in the morning the little girl had deep red imprints on her arm and around her neck.  While of course this is not a happy story, I don't believe that the necklace is to blame.  I see a couple things wrong with this set up. 1st - The necklace was too loose.  Obviously, you don't want the necklace so tight that it chokes your little one.  But you also don't want it loose enough that they can get their hand up behind it. If their hand can get up there the child may be able to 1- pull the necklace off, or 2- get their arm caught in it like this poor little girl!  2nd issue - Amber Goose by Mama Goose Baby Care (the brand of amber teething necklaces we carry) specifically warns that these necklaces should not be worn to bed!  So while I sympathize with stories like this, I truly believe that the necklaces are harmless when used appropriately.

Some other safety features:  1- The clasp will undo with just a gentle tug.  So if in the case that there was an issue, there's an easy-off solution. 2- Each bead is individually knotted.  The necklaces are really well made, but if it were to come undone, only one bead would be able to slide off.

A FAQ:  People in the store will often ask me if there is a difference between the polished rocks and the unpolished rocks.  The answer? NOPE.  Amber Goose tells us that there is no difference between the different kind of rocks.

Shop Amber Goose's necklaces and bracelets below! Or, if you're local to Utah, visit our Lindon, UT baby store today!

Amber Goose Teething Necklace – Olive Multi

Amber Goose Teething Necklace – Olive Unpolished Honey

Amber Goose Teething Necklace – Baroque Rainbow

Amber Goose Teething Necklace – Baroque Cognac Lemon

Amber Goose Teething Necklace – Baroque Dark Cherry

Amber Goose Teething Necklace – Baroque Lemon Milky

Amber Goose Teething Necklace – Baroque Raw Multi

Amber Goose Hazelwood Baby Necklace – Brown & Cream Beads

Amber Goose also offers amber baby bracelets! Some will warn that these may not be quite as effective as the necklaces because they are farther away from the pain site; however, they are a great addition to the necklace or perfect for those parents that are worried about choking!

Amber Goose Baby Bracelet – Cherry

Amber Goose Baby Bracelet – Green

Amber Goose Baby Bracelet – Lemon Amber

Amber Goose Baby Bracelet – Multi

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