"Some Bunny Loves You" Valentine

"Some Bunny Loves You" Valentine

When I was kid, making the receptacle, then giving and receiving valentines was my favorite part of the holiday. When I got older, and no one passed out valentines anymore, I soon forgot about the magic that made this holiday so fun! Enter my cute babies.

Now I live through my children in creating the perfect valentine! So grab some supplies, and have some fun creating this cute bunny craft with your kids! Not only will this give them a fun project to work on, but they will also have cute valentines to give to their friends! AND you’ll enjoy the magic all over again!



  • Color the bunny (make sure to color the backs of the arms)
  • Cut out the bunny along the dotted lines
  • Tape or glue a small piece of candy onto the bunny
  • Fold the bunny's arms over the candy to make it look like the bunny is hugging the candy

  • Give your perfect valentines to your favorite people

Now wasn't that easy AND fun! Want more? Here and here are two more Valentine's Day crafts! Enjoy the magic this holiday! Happy Valentine's Day!

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