Sometimes the Answer is "No"

Sometimes the Answer is "No"

As parents we have a lot on our plates.  We wear a lot of hats and we never seem to have enough hours in the day.   It can be tempting to try and keep up a "super hero persona" and try to do everything.  However, sometimes we need to set limits...and yes, sometimes that means saying no.  Would we like to be able to do everything?  Sure!  But that's just not realistic.  I assure you,  saying "no" to certain things will make everything go more smoothly overall.  So how do we do tackle this?


Digging deep and discovering which things are of most importance is going to make it a lot easier to decide which things in life need to be cut out.  Finding a balance between doing everything and doing the GREATEST things is key.

Get organized

There really are only 24 hours in a day (and keep in mind you need to sleep sometime in there, too).  So to make the most of your 24 you need to keep a written schedule.  Be realistic about how much time each task/event is going to take and don't over-book.  If someone asks you to do something  and it's going to cut into a previously scheduled item it's time to break out that handy little "no" word.  Do you have to be a jerk about it?  Heavens no!  Just politely explain why you can't and in the end I really think they'll thank you.  If you tell someone you can do something and then fall short of your commitment then every body loses.  Effective communication is what it's all about.  Sugar coating things only makes them sweet for a short time.

Accept the fact that you can't do EVERYTHING

It doesn't make you a failure, I promise!  In fact, it will actually make your chosen endeavors more successful (so don't waste any of your precious time feeling bad about it, okay?)

Take a little "me time"

Pay close attention to the signs that your fatigued body and mind are giving you and don't push yourself too hard.  If you take care of yourself first you can actually better take care of those around you. Do this and I promise your life will actually feel more productive.  You've got this!! XOXO,

Written by: Natalie Gubler

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Getting organized is where I need to focus. I think once I do that, I can enjoy my time and make sure I’m filling it with important things for me and my family. Thanks for the tips!!

Callie Lippard

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